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Wedding Taboos You Should Break

Traditional Wedding Taboos.

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There are many wedding taboos and related traditions. Many are culturally based. Some have a basis in traditions and some maybe just a simple superstition.

A long successful marriage is very important and I guess this is why even those who would normally have nothing to do with superstitious beliefs are a little more thoughtful when it comes to wedding taboos.

So what is your point of view? Silly superstition you should break to prove a point? Or worthwhile considerations that will help ensure a long and happy life together?

Maybe you believe a wedding is about tradition. And as such these wedding taboos should always be considered.

A Few Wedding Taboos.

You shouldn’t see each other before the wedding.

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“The classic taboo”.  I recently read an article that said this was to reduce the chances of the groom changing his mind.

I take that one with a pinch of salt. Now it is a tradition that is generally observed to maintain a sense of excitement and surprise.

From my point of view as a wedding photographer, it is nice to get the grooms reaction as he sees his bride for the first time.

Other couples choose to have a “private first look” before they are presented to their wedding guests.

Don’t drop the rings.

It is only recently that I heard an explanation for this wedding taboo.

At some point, it was apparently believed that if the ring was dropped during the wedding ceremony, the person who dropped it would die.

A little harsh for dropping a ring!

Avoid yellow roses.

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In Victorian times there was a great deal of emphasis given to the meaning of individual flowers and their colours.

Although red roses are often seen as the ultimate expression of romantic and abiding love.

Yellow roses are generally associated with jealousy.

My point of view is that pretty is pretty and if a specific colour or flower means something to you then use it.

The bride should be carried over the threshold on her wedding night.

This dates back to an accident roman belief that when you carrying the bride into her new marital home it protects the home from evil spirits.

Now I think it is just a nice touch. Maybe mix it up a little and have the bride carry the groom?

The bride must wear white.

A traditional sign of purity, White and ivory wedding dresses are still prevalent and I think always will.

At the same time, I have seen some beautifully vivid burgundy wedding dresses and even stunning brides dressed in black. Like all things wedding “make it your own”.

During the 3 months before your wedding do not attend another wedding, funeral or visit with somebody who has recently given birth.

This is more prevalent in Chinese cultures. But it is believed any of these could bring bad luck to both the groom and bride to be.

Always check if any other family members are planning their wedding around the same time as you are. That is if you hope to have all your guests attending.

Your Thoughts.

This is just a quick look at a few that came to my mind.

I would love to hear any wedding traditions that you either think should always remain or those that should be placed firmly into the past.

Use the comment section below to add your thoughts.

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