Top Wedding Photography Mistakes.

Wedding Photography Mistakes

This list of wedding photography mistakes was compiled with the help of several wedding photographers to help you avoid making them too.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Book Your Photographer.

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“If you find a great photographer, book them there and then! Good photographers book a year or two out and won’t be available forever.

It can be very frustrating if you’ve spent a lot of time choosing a wedding photographer and then when you decide to book you find out that they booked out your date last week.”

Not Finalising the Wedding Day plan.

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“Talk to your photographer when you’ve finalised the schedule for your wedding day. There is a lot to consider in terms of photographing and natural light.

Certain times of day are more photogenic than others (midday sun casts harsh, unflattering shadows on the face while late day sun casts a beautifying warm glow on everyone).

If your photographer knows the plan for the day he/she can plan to get the best shots of you and your wedding guests”

Not Sticking to the plan.

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Try to stick to your plan, it’s easy to have times slip on a wedding day. your wedding coordinator will help keep your day on track.

This will not only help you get the best results with your pictures but getting everybody sat down at the right time will mean your food will be at it’s best.

Running behind can have a knock-on effect throughout the day with all the events you planned.

Don’t get too regimented but try to stick within the plan. building in a few buffer times in the day will help and your wedding coordinator will help you out here.

Letting Relatives Get in the Way.

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“We have a name in the industry for a guest who shows up with pro photo equipment and takes ‘unofficial wedding photos’ – we call him/her Uncle Bob.

Personally I encourage guest to get involved and take their own pictures but I know a few photographers who get a little wound up by this.

Uncle Bob may think they’re doing you a favour by taking more shots for the couple, but often he/she just gets in the way or makes things like the formal group shots take at least twice as long as they want to get their own version of every shot we take.

Tell Bob to leave the camera at home and just enjoy their time at the wedding without working.” You’ve paid a professional to take your pictures, you’ve invited your guests to enjoy and share your wedding day.

Not Hiring a Professional Photographer

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With advancements in camera technology and the ease of creating a website shopping on price only has become a classic wedding photography mistake.

Choose someone who is a professional and not just anyone with a nice camera and a website trying to make a few extra pounds at the weekend.

Make sure the photographer you choose has an education as a photographer, has apprenticed or interned with other photographers and paid their dues, and has the experience and ability to consistently capture the moments of your wedding no matter what situations may arise.

You should expect to spend between £1,500 and £4,000 for any decent wedding photography.

Not Explaining How You Like to Look in Photos.

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Beauty is really very subjective. Talk with your photographer about the types of images you like and want.

I’m a big fan of Pinterest and have found it useful to have a shared “wedding pics” board with some of my clients where we can put together some ideas and styles they like.

Find me on Pinterest here ➢

Focusing Too Much on Taking Photos

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A good photojournalist approach will capture the story of the wedding day.

I like to mix this with some artistic portraits and the use of beautiful light for those wow images.

Your wedding pictures are really important but don’t turn the day into a photoshoot.

I like to take my couples away from their guests to get some beautiful couples shots but generally, it is for less than 20 minutes so they can enjoy their wedding day with their friends and family.

If you really want some stylised wedding images consider booking a “Cherish the Dress” photoshoot with your photographer.

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Your wedding venue will normally be happy to let you come back on a day they are not booked for a wedding and have the run of the place.

You get some extra beautiful wedding images, The venue gets some amazing pictures to help their marketing team, your photographer gets to be a little more creative and you all get to do this at a more relaxed pace and it’s a good excuse to wear that fabulous dress again and have a little pampering.

Not Getting a Second shooter

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Sometimes brides want to save a little money or feel that it is too obtrusive for more than one photographer to be present on the wedding day. But consider this:

The second photographer offers another unique point of view throughout the entire day that you would not have had photographed.

They generally assist the main photographer and will make setting up for shots quicker, will assist in arranging people and will be the one running back to the car to get equipment so your main photographer can keep shooting and not miss that key moment.

It also gives you the opportunity to get some pictures of the groom and his groomsmen getting organised in the morning as the bride is typically the focus of bridal preparation.

Not Getting Help Organising Your Guests

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There is a very good chance your wedding photographer does not know your friends and family.

“Designate someone that you trust and who knows your family and friends to be in charge of organising people for the formal group shots.

That person can gather the people needed, direct them on what shots they will be in, and then release them when they are done. It keeps things moving quickly, smoothly, and enjoyably.”

Trying to Make Things “Perfect”

“Just have fun, whether it’s getting a little cake on your face or some little detail that didn’t turn out 100 percent like you had hoped, go with it, have fun, and keep smiling.

The photos will be so different if the bride is scowling at her new hubby, don’t you think?”

Trying to Pose

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“A good photographer gives direction for a reason: to get the best moments and shots from the day.

In most cases, they will not micromanage every detail or it will look fake. Just placing the couple in beautiful light and a little direction gets the best results.

The best thing to do is to relax and act naturally. Be in the moment. Be hopelessly in love with each other – the pictures will turn out amazing!”

Looking at the Camera All the Time

I love eye contact in pictures but many couples want candid photographs, but they always feel like they need to look up at the camera and stop what they are doing.

It could be an instinct but remember. unless the photographer asks you, try to act natural and ignore them for the best journalistic shots.”

Not Providing a List of “Don’t Takes”

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Almost as important a the list of “we want photos like this” can be the list of “please don’t take this”.

This could be anything from some cheesy staged images to yo being photographed from a certain angle.

Talk openly about your likes and dislikes with your wedding photographer to get the best from them.

Asking for Too Many Shots

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“If clients have done their homework and have chosen an experienced and reputable wedding photographer, then chances are that photographer does not need to be provided with a two-page spreadsheet of every combination for family portraits.”

This is as much for you guys and your guests.

On average each formal group shot takes around 2 minutes allowing for the people to get in position, the uncle/aunty that has disappeared briefly to the bar or toilet.

30 formal group shots can mean you’re spending more than an hour out of your day getting these set up. That’s time you and your guest could be enjoying your wedding day.

Not Choosing a Photographer You Connect With

“Make sure that we get along. Pick somebody you feel comfortable with. It’s a long day and your photographer will be with you as you get ready in the morning and throughout the day.

If you are comfortable with your photographer it’ll show in the images and the whole experience will be more relaxing..”

Skipping the Engagement Session

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“Engagement sessions increase the confidence and comfort level of the bride and groom in front of the camera and allow the bride and groom to practise having their photo taken in a fun, no-stakes atmosphere.

Ultimately, an engagement session will let the bride and groom see how their photographer works, and this leads to wedding day comfort, trust and better pictures.”

Falling for Photography Trends

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“Too many times, brides fall for something trendy in photography.

It is critical that these images stand the test of time and are valued for each following generation. Trends are fun but rarely last!

Look for a photographer with a classic shooting style, and be wary of too much Photoshop and digital ‘tricks’ and manipulations.”

Forgetting the Details

“Think about spending a few minutes to decide what other elements are important to photograph, did your sister make special wedding favours?

Are you carrying important heirlooms with you? Bring an extra invitation, and try to keep those special elements easily accessible for photos.” If it’s important to you let your photographer know.

Not smiling – All the Time

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“Tell all of the individuals walking down the aisle to look up and smile.

If they are too nervous to smile, they should keep their head up and look down the aisle.

This helps keep the face from forming the ‘evil double chin’ look that happens when you stare at the floor while walking!”

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