Wedding Dress Ideas.

Inspiration for your wedding dress and ideas.

Wedding Dress Styles.

Wedding Dress Styles - Necklines and Silhouettes


For me, when I think about a classic wedding dress it will be a ballgown silhouette with a sweetheart neckline, lots of beautiful lace, a long train and veil.

Normally in a white or ivory and almost always with a ribbon lace-up back.


A mermaid wedding dress would of course have the classic mermaid silhouette and is probably one of the most flexible when it comes to the neckline style. Although I think it works really well with either a sweetheart or off the shoulder styles.

The mermaid wedding dress is perfect for showing a very feminine shape and works beautifully with a elegant train.


A retro wedding dress would normally have an A line or empire silhouette with a bateau or v-neck and possibly also sleeved.

Most will be in an ivory or off-white to build on that vintage look.


A more transparent lace that falls under it’s own weight. A bohemian wedding dress is likely to have kind of an empire or mermaid silhouette. Possibly with elegant lace sleeves or a v-neck.

These have bee incredibly popular over the last few years and I think will continue to be for a while yet.



When you think about a traditional wedding dress styles you generally picture a ballgown silhouette with a sweetheart neckline in pure white.


A wedding dress fit for a princess, I normally think about this style as the traditional ballgown but with an off the shoulder neckline and on an ivory or cream.

And, of course no princess would be complete without a jewel encrusted tiara.


Keeping with the same theme as the traditional and princess styles again the silhouette would normally be a ballgown but maybe lean more towards a bateau neckline.

As it’s fairytale I think you have a little more latitude with your choice of colours, pastel colours work well but if you want to be a little more adventurous then express yourself freely.

Wedding Dress Ideas.

wedding dress ideas

From the classic wedding dress to some more contemporary or creative bridal wear we have you covered with a little inspiration to help you pick your perfect wedding dress design to understand a little more about the design features of your gown.

We’ll start with a little inspiration and some pretty pictures. I have put together a selection of wedding dresses to get the ideas going and to get you started thinking about what is your style.

Add the ones that catch your eye to your Pinterest board and start to build up some inspiration.

Formby wedding photography

Later we’ll have a look at the design aspects of wedding dresses, the cuts, the lengths and dress styles. This will give you a good starting point and an idea of the kind of wedding dress you want for your special day.

Once you have this sorted, take a look at the article on buying your perfect wedding dress to get some tips on how you should go about shipping for your perfect bridal attire.

I hope you find this article fun and helpful, if you did please share it so other brides can find it too and I hope you have a beautiful amazing perfect wedding day.

wedding photography

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