Wedding Denim Jackets For Brides.

Demin Jean Jackets for weddings

Wedding Jean Jackets For Brides.

One of the most surprising and interesting wedding trends for 2021 seams to be the denim jacket.

This isn’t something you would traditionally match with a beautiful bridal gown, but it’s a thing, and it’s growing in popularity fast.

Just take a look at Etsy or Pinterest. They’re popping up all over the place.

I think this is an extension of last years Boho styled weddings and especially after the big switch caused by the problems we’ve all seen in 2020.

Weddings are getting more intimate, smaller and less formal as a result of the pandemic and they are taking on a whole new personal vibe.

The denim jacket has always been a symbol of rebellious and personal taste with so many people decorating and adding their own flair to them.

I love change, and I especially like seeing things that at first don’t feel like they fit so I’m really looking forward to seeing how weddings in 2021 pan out.

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