Wedding Cocktail Ideas.

Some ideas and recipes for wedding cocktails.

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If you are looking for some ideas to serve your wedding guest or even if you want to know how to make your favourite cocktail at home then I might have the solution here.

I’ve put together some popular and some more unusual cocktail recipes for you in handy printable cards.

You can pick some of your favourites or download the PDF containing them all.
Whatever reason you are looking for cocktail ideas for, feel free to use these.

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Wedding Cocktail Gallery.


More Cocktail Ideas?

The Home Bartender, 2nd Edition: 175+ Cocktails Made with 4 Ingredients or Less (Cocktail Book, Easy Simple Recipes, Mixology, Gift Book, Bartending Tricks and Recipes)

Note: This is an affiliate link so I get a kickback if you use it but the great news is it doesn’t cost you any more and it helps me out.

Have your own favourite Cocktail?

Add it into the comments below with your recipe and I might add it to this list.

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