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Wedding Checklist.

Help Planning Your Perfect Wedding Day.

Wedding to-do list.

Every wedding is different and unique, use this helpful wedding checklist as a guide to help you plan your perfect wedding day. You can download a PDF version of this by clicking here

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Wedding to-do list.

As soon as possible.

– Start a wedding folder/Pinterest Wedding Boards.
– Make a list of what is important to you for a wedding this will help with your budget.
– Visit wedding fayres/look through bridal magazines, search the internet to gain ideas and inspiration for your big day.
– Discuss the wedding budget and who will pay for what.
– Decide on a rough number of wedding guests.
– Set a rough wedding date. (This might change after you’ve picked your venue).
– Start looking at venues.

12 To 18 months before the wedding start your search for vendors and make a shortlist:

– Bridal Gown.
– Formal Suit Hire.
– Photographer.
– Videographer.
– Disco, Entertainers or bands.
– Caterer.
– Florist.
– Wedding Transport.
– Hair and Beauty Stylist.
– Bridesmaid Dresses.
– Wedding Cake.
– Shoes and Accessories.
– Venue Decoration/Chair Covers.

– Find a wedding officiant (the person who will marry you) and apply for the necessary licence’s.

*If the vendor you want is available on your chosen date to book them! Most wedding vendors take bookings more than 1 to 2 years before the wedding date. This is especially important if you plan to be married in the summer.

6 To 12 Months Before the wedding.

– Complete your guest list.
– Finalise your wedding colours, theme and style.
– Choose your bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, flower girl and ring bearer and let them know what their duties are.
– Choose and purchase your wedding rings.
– Begin looking at honeymoon options and discuss where you both would like to go.
– Start planning ceremony and reception music choices.
– Arrange an engagement shoot with your photographer, select an image from the session for your “save the day’ cards or a “signature frame” for your wedding day.
– Start looking at invitation designs.
– If you haven’t already, purchase your wedding gown, veil and accessories.
– Finalise and order/purchase attire for your attendants.
– Sign up for your gift registry/honeymoon donation.

4 To 6 Months Before the Wedding.

– Finalise your guest list.
– Order Wedding stationery(invitations, envelopes, the order of service etc).
– Book your wedding transport.
– Arrange accommodation for out of town guests (book blocks of hotel rooms for a better price).
– Choose your wedding cake.
– Decide on your wedding decorations including favours.
– Send out your invitations.

3 Months Before The Wedding.

– Contact your florist and finalise your arrangements.
– Order your wedding cake.
– Meet with your wedding officiant to discuss details of the ceremony.
– Pick your wedding Lingerie.
– Choose gifts for your attendants and parents.
– Groom and male members of the wedding party to arrange for a suit fitting.
– Confirm honeymoon arrangements.
– Start writing your wedding vows, if you are doing them yourself.

2 Months Before The Wedding

– Start working on your seating plan.
– Schedule a hair and makeup trial with a consultant.
– Start making/buying wedding favours.
– Finalise music selections for the ceremony and reception.
– If changing your name, complete the proper documents.
– Meet with officiant to finalise ceremony details.
– Reserve rooms for wedding night if not already done so.

1 Month Before the Wedding.

– Meet with vendors to finalise arrangements.
– Decide and confirm your wedding vows and ensure your officiant has been sent copies.
– Meet with your photographer and provide a list of required shots.
– Confirm all final payment amounts with your vendors as well as dates, times etc.
– Collect the marriage licence.
– Confirm Honeymoon reservations.
– Arrange for a final wedding dress fitting.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding.

– Contact any guests you have not sent RSVP (Tell them to bring a chair and sandwiches).
– Confirm the delivery time and locations with the florist.
– Finalise the seating chart if there have been any changes to your guests attending.

1 Week Before the Wedding.

– Collect wedding gown, bridesmaid, flower girl dresses and accessories.
– Give final guest numbers to venue/receptions/caterer.
– Make sure the men have their final suit fitting.
– Reconfirm everything with vendors one last time.
– Attend rehearsal (if you are having one).
– Confirm wedding day transportation.
– Reconfirm hair and make appointments for the wedding day.
– Confirm all duties required with the wedding party.

1 Day Before.

– Have a manicure/pedicure.
– Have a pamperer day with the girls.
 – Try to get an early night and relax!

Your Wedding Day

– Eat a good breakfast, even if you think you’re not hungry.
– Have your hair and makeup done.
– Begin dressing two hours before the ceremony is scheduled to begin.
 – Take a deep breath, relax and most importantly enjoy your big day!

Post Wedding Day

– Arrange for suits that have been hired for the day are returned. (Perhaps delegate this task to the best man or a member of the wedding party).
 – Ensure the venue is aware of any table decorations or chair covers that have been hired for the wedding from florists or venue decoration companies are stored safely for collection to ensure any refundable deposits are returned.
– View your wedding photographs and album draft.
– Ensure thank you notes for any gifts or donations are sent out no later than 3 months after your wedding date.

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Have we missed something on our wedding to-do list? Please feel free to add your comments below, we love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

A quick wedding budget planner, Click on the image to download a printable version.

Wedding Budget Planner

The Essential Wedding Checklist: Why Planning Your Big Day Needs a Structured Approach

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with love, joy, and cherished memories, but the journey to that special day requires careful planning and organisation. Enter the wedding checklist—a structured and essential tool that helps couples navigate the complexities of wedding planning with ease and efficiency. Let’s explore why having a wedding checklist is crucial for a smooth and memorable wedding experience.

1. Organization and Time Management

Planning a wedding involves numerous tasks, deadlines, and details that can quickly become overwhelming without proper organisation. A wedding checklist serves as a roadmap, breaking down the entire planning process into manageable tasks with associated timelines. By prioritising tasks and setting deadlines, couples can stay on track and effectively manage their time leading up to the wedding day.

2. Comprehensive Planning

A well-designed wedding checklist covers every aspect of wedding planning, from initial preparations to post-wedding tasks. It includes categories such as venue selection, budgeting, guest list management, vendor bookings, attire selection, ceremony details, reception planning, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that no important detail is overlooked, leading to a well-executed and memorable wedding celebration.

3. Budget Management

One of the most critical aspects of wedding planning is budget management, and a wedding checklist plays a vital role in keeping expenses in check. By outlining budget categories and allocating funds accordingly, couples can make informed decisions about priorities, vendor choices, and cost-saving strategies. Regularly updating the checklist with actual expenses helps track spending and avoid budget overruns.

4. Vendor Coordination

Engaging and coordinating with various wedding vendors—from caterers and photographers to florists and musicians—requires timely communication and planning. A wedding checklist helps couples keep track of vendor contacts, contracts, payments, and scheduling details. It ensures that vendors are booked well in advance, timelines are coordinated, and expectations are communicated clearly for a seamless wedding day experience.

5. Personalization and Creativity

While a wedding checklist provides structure and guidance, it also allows room for personalisation and creativity. Couples can tailor the checklist to their specific wedding vision, incorporating unique themes, cultural elements, DIY projects, and personal touches. The checklist serves as a framework within which couples can express their personalities, preferences, and love stories throughout the wedding planning journey.

6. Stress Reduction and Enjoyment

Wedding planning can be stressful, but a well-organized checklist helps alleviate stress by providing clarity, direction, and a sense of accomplishment as tasks are completed. With tasks outlined and deadlines set, couples can focus on enjoying the planning process, making meaningful decisions together, and anticipating the joyous moments of their wedding day without unnecessary stress or last-minute chaos.

7. Coordination and Communication

A wedding checklist promotes effective coordination and communication among key stakeholders, including the couple, wedding party, family members, and vendors. It ensures that everyone involved is aware of responsibilities, timelines, and expectations, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring smooth collaboration leading up to and on the wedding day.

8. Post-Wedding Transition

Beyond the wedding day itself, a wedding checklist helps couples transition smoothly into post-wedding tasks such as thank-you notes, vendor payments, name changes (if applicable), preserving wedding mementos, and managing post-wedding logistics. Having a structured approach post-wedding ensures that the celebration concludes on a positive note and sets the stage for married life ahead.

Embracing the Wedding Journey

In conclusion, a wedding checklist is a valuable tool that empowers couples to plan, organise, and execute their dream wedding with confidence and ease. From ensuring comprehensive planning and budget management to fostering creativity and reducing stress, the benefits of a structured wedding checklist extend throughout the entire wedding planning process. By embracing the wedding journey with a well-designed checklist, couples can focus on creating unforgettable moments and celebrating their love surrounded by family and friends on their special day.

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