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Batch Country House Wedding.

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Louise and Gavin’s wedding was held at the Batch Country House in Somerset, a beautiful wedding venue just outside of Western-super-Mare.

I arrived a little earlier than I would normally for a wedding but it was worthwhile the venue looked stunning with some autumn morning mist still clinging to the grounds before the sun rose high enough to burn it off.

As always I started the day with the bride and her bridesmaids, I got this booking through a recommendation from one of the bridesmaids, Heather, not a previous client but another wedding supplier.

A videographer who I’ve worked with a few times and she is probably the best videographer I have worked alongside a lot of others tend to get in my way and I guess I get in their way but when every.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with heather we gust seem to be in tune and complement each other’s way of working, check her out at Somerset Wedding Films. 

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Bridal Preparation.

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Anyway back to the important stuff, hair and makeup were well on the way and I settled into the day taking a few shots with the bridal party and having a little fun with the girls.

Louise’s wedding dress was beautiful and had lovely detail throughout. Natasha of Chantilly Hair Designs was on hand to help make the ladies look stunning, Natasha is another supplier I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past and she is definitely worth looking up.

Louise’s daughter Casey was there as flower girl/bridesmaid and to try to wind me up, a lovely girl full of life and mischief, as she should be.

There was a beautiful moment when Louise opened a card from Gavin but was too overwhelmed to read it so Kasey read it as her mum tried (and failed) to hold back the tears as she heard her husband to be’s words and how he was looking forward to marrying her later that day, it was beautiful.

Once the bridesmaids helped her into her wedding dress (with a little help from Natasha) and the look was complete Louise looked stunning.

The wedding service.

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Their service was in the Somerset Suite of The Batch Country House and the room had been played out beautifully. The guests were gathered and the groom looked to be at just the right level of nervous, anxious and excited.

Gavin did very well not to look back as Louise entered the room and he didn’t see his bride until she was level with him and they exchanged looks, the first of many looks I’d see between them throughout the day, the look let me know this was going to be a good day and I was here with a couple who were crazy about each other. batch country house wedding 189 1 e1503333821819

After the service we all went outside to a surprisingly warm day, it’s the 15th of November in England and it feels like t-shirt weather, we have had an amazing and long summer this year.

We got a few photographs of the couple in the grounds, on the bridge, by the fountain then rallied the wedding party for the confetti shot, only 3 people had brought confetti so we had to be a bit strategic about who had it and how to shoot it but it all worked out well.

We followed with the group shots and formals and as always I rattled through them with as little fuss and time as possible so the guests could continue to enjoy their day.

The wedding breakfast.

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The room for the wedding breakfast looked stunning, Louise’s colours and choice of details worked really well and I loved the draped fabric on the roof, that’ll work well for flash later.

The speeches were short but heartfelt including a lovely speech from Louise & Gavin’s 10-year-old son Tyler who stood on his chair to address the party.

After the wedding breakfast and the speeches, it was dark outside so I set up a few flashes and we went outside to get some pictures of the couple in the grounds at night before heading back in so the couple could greet their evening guests and get ready for a little dancing.

The DJ set up with lasers and smoke, a nice touch and it added a little extra to the pictures, Louise & Gavin took to the dance floor for their first dance as man and wife, Gavin may not be the most graceful on the dance floor but again it was all about the way the held and looked at each other.

A lovely couple that I am sure will have a very long and happy life together. Guys, thank you again for inviting me along to be a part of your very special wedding day and choosing me to photograph the occasion.

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