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Wedding at The Vincent Southport.

Southport Weddings, The Vincent.

This is a small selection of the photographs from this beautiful wedding at The Vincent in Southport, if you’d like to see the full album click the button below.

The Vincent Hotel Mini Gallery.

I have photographed some small weddings but this was up there with some of the smallest, a lovely family focused occasion with 10 people in attendance if you include the baby and a dog during bridal prep.

But, weddings are special days to be shared with those closest. During the course of a wedding day, I feel like part of the wedding, on this occasion my presents really impacted the numbers and it was great to be a part of such an intermate family wedding.

The day started at the bride’s (Lauren) parent’s home in Ormskirk where we took a few family pictures before the huge Hummer arrived to take the wedding party to Southport.

A cosy wedding service in The Southport Town Hall, then a short walk along Lord Street to the Vincent Hotel. It was a beautiful day and you can’t beat the UK when the sun shines.

The walk gave us some good opportunities to get some extra pictures along the way, such a small group makes it easy to arrange sets of family images on the hop.

My part in the day ended shortly after arriving at The Vincent, a few more photographs at this lovely Southport wedding venue then I left the couple and their guests to enjoy the rest of the wedding day.

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