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Thyme Tithe Barn Wedding.

Thyme Tithe Barn Wedding.

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Another glorious English summers day for a Thyme tithe barn wedding. The sun was shining in this beautiful venue.

The guys and some of the wedding party had stayed in the farmhouse at Thyme. We caught up with the grooms in their cottage room as they prepared for their wedding day.

Pip was giddy and playful while Benjamin although obviously excited was a little more composed. The boys were excited about many things but especially about their beautiful Christian Louboutin wedding shoes.

As the grooms dressed Benjamin was very attentive helping Pip look his best.

We had time for a couple of posed pictures with the grooms before heading off to Cripps Barn for the wedding ceremony and celebrations.

Cripps Barn Wedding Gallery.

Cripps Barn.

The grooms travelled to Cripps barn in a classic coach along with some of the wedding guests. The wedding venue was decorated beautifully as always with some lovely personal touched from the couple.

The wedding service.

The grooms entered the venue together, hand in hand to a warm welcome from their guests. The wedding ceremony was short with a fun speech given by Pips father and a close friend.

Post wedding celebrations.

After the newlywed grooms were greeted with a hail of confetti they enjoyed a drink and chatting with the wedding guests. The good weather and beautiful Cripps barn venue made for lovely candid photography opportunities. This is also the ideal time to get a few shots of the reception before guests sit down for the wedding breakfast.

The wedding breakfast.

The grooms cut their cake before heading in for wedding breakfast. A fun option at Cripps has a guest on each table cutting the joint and has others responsible for serving the rest of the meal. this is an excellent way to start people interacting as well as an excellent photo opportunity.

After the meal, we took the couple out for a little photo shoot to get some unique images and an extra group shot around the fire pit.

Evening Celebrations.

Everybody gathered for a toast, there would be no traditional wedding speeches but one of the couples close friends had arranged to say a few words. The wedding guests then gathered in the hall for the performance of the newlyweds first dance. The guys had worked hard to put together a fantastic performance. The Guests quickly joined the guys on the dance floor and the nights fun was in full swing.

Thyme Tithe Barn Wedding Slideshow.

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