Three ways to make your wedding feel more luxurious.


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Three ways to make your wedding feel more luxurious

Getting married can be a very costly process and the average wedding sets UK couples back £18,400. With the current cost of living pushing prices higher than ever before, many couples are looking for ways to keep their budget in check without sacrificing style. If you want your wedding to have a luxurious feel without breaking the bank, check these three tips to help you decide where to splurge and where to save.

1. Keep your décor simple

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While you might be tempted to include lots of gorgeous detail when decorating your venue, doing so can actually reduce the luxury vibes rather than increase them, especially if you’re working with a tight budget. Too many details can look fussy and overwhelming, and they run the risk of looking mismatched unless they’re very carefully curated.

Rather than doing it all, such as huge floral arrangements, fancy table centrepieces, balloon arches, signs, and tailored menus, choose one or two focal points and splurge to make them really high quality. For example, if you go for indulgent floral arrangements, keep the table place settings simple and avoid additional displays. If you want a huge, impressive arch to serve as a photo opportunity, splash out on doing it right and let it be the wow-factor.

2. Hire live musicians

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Live music can really elevate the celebratory atmosphere of a wedding and heighten the sense of luxury. There’s always a buzz of excitement when a band sets up for their evening set, and once they start playing your guests are sure to be up and dancing. It’s an investment to have live musicians, with the average spend for wedding music being £900. Bands are the most expensive type of act with fees starting at £1000.

If you can’t afford a band for the full evening, consider a solo musician during the day instead, which should cost in the region of £350 to £500. They could play during your ceremony or provide background music at the drinks reception or throughout dinner. Just be sure to book your live act six to nine months before the wedding because they tend to have busy schedules.

3. Tailor-make cocktails and canapes

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Bespoke details always give off an air of luxury because it usually costs more for a tailor-made service. A simple and effective way to do this is to opt for custom cocktails and canapes at your drinks reception after the ceremony. You could put a unique twist on your favourite classic cocktail, or work with a mixologist to come up with a totally bespoke drink that incorporates ingredients or flavours that are relevant to your relationship. The same goes for the canapes. Perhaps the chef could turn the meal you ate on your first date into a tasty bite-sized version. Ask your venue or caterer what’s possible and be sure to give your custom cocktails and canapes unique names.

You deserve luxury on your big day

Every couple deserves to have a touch of luxury on their big day, so think about which aspects of the wedding you’re most looking forward to and splash out where it matters most to you.

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