How to pick out the perfect engagement ring.

How to pick out the perfect engagement ring for your partner’s personality.

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Finding the ring of their dreams without prior consultation with your partner can seem an impossible task.

From picking the perfect diamond to selecting the right setting to match, there is so much to think about when it comes to engagement rings.

If you’re unsure where to start, why not find inspiration from your partner’s personality and lifestyle?

You want a ring that complements these, and there are certain things to consider to ensure you achieve just that.

Here’s how to let your partner’s personality guide your choices when it comes to ring shopping.

We’re going to look at a few main areas when finding your perfect engagement ring.


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Arguably the most important consideration you’ll need to make is picking out the central stone.

Before starting, it can be useful to find out more about the 4Cs of diamonds, as this information will help inform your decision.

Unless money is no object, there will likely need to be some level of compromise when choosing a diamond for your ring, so it’s important to understand your partner’s personality to ensure you get it just right.

If they are concerned about their image and love to show off all their finest jewellery, then consider focussing on the carat of the diamond.

Whilst the carat specifically refers to the weight of the diamond rather than the actual size, higher carats typically correspond to bigger diamonds, and this will better suit a more extroverted personality.

If you think their personality better suits a more understated diamond, consider looking at a lower carat and instead focus on the stone’s cut and clarity.

This will ensure the diamond still sparkles but will be slightly less conspicuous sitting on their finger, which is perfect for someone who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight.


The chosen setting of your ring will be dictated largely by your partner’s lifestyle.

For instance, if they’re an outdoorsy, adventurous type, the ring’s setting will need to offer lots of protection for the central stone to avoid damage.

Some settings will be more appropriate than others for this particular type of lifestyle.

In this case, a bezel setting would be most suitable, since the sides of the diamond will be enclosed in the metal and only the top will be exposed.

This particular setting could also save you money on the diamond as since less of it will be showing, you could opt for a cheaper diamond that compromises on colour or clarity but still offers the desired sparkle.

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If your partner lives a more laid-back lifestyle, you will have greater freedom to experiment with different settings to better show off the diamond, as it’s less likely to get damaged.

If you’re unsure of where to start, look at rings with a solitaire setting.

This is the most classic engagement ring style and remains a popular choice for many couples.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous and go for a more distinctive setting, consider a tension or prong setting.

This delicate option will better show off the beauty of the diamond.


If your partner is particularly sentimental, and you think they’d appreciate some personalised touches on their ring, then be sure to ask your jeweller if this is something they can offer.

Most retailers will give you complete freedom over the ring’s design, allowing you to create your very own bespoke ring to perfectly complement your partner’s tastes.

Beyond designing the ring, consider adding a few sentimental touches such as etching in a meaningful date or your initials on the band to make the ring completely unique.

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