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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress.

Have fun finding your perfect wedding dress.

Finding that perfect wedding dress should be a fun and exciting event and it is all part of the build-up to your perfect wedding day.

I have written a few of my thoughts here after talking with brides and bridal boutiques. I would love to hear and add any top tips you may have.

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Finding that perfect wedding dress

Do it in person

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This is probably wrong for me to say as a wedding photographer but a picture of a wedding dress does not compare to seeing it in the flesh.

Up close and personal is the only real way to appreciate all the detail and feel the quality.

Wedding dresses like any other garment will hang differently on different body shapes and we are all our own unique shape.

A good bridal boutique will be able to suggest fits, cuts and styles that will work best of you and your figure.

Pretty much every wedding dress can look amazing on a hanger or model. It’s how it looks on you and how it makes you feel that counts. Avoid making snap decisions before you see and feel it on. Try it on. How does it make you feel?

Every bride deserves to look amazing and unless you are planning a few outfit changes throughout the day your dress will be on for quite a few hours.

What style?

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Again a good bridal boutique will be able to guide you here. Have some initial thoughts about what you want your wedding dress to look like.

Think about the silhouette/shape of the dress first. The detail is important but your first thoughts should be the dress’s shape.

Are you looking for a sleek minimalist look or a flamboyant fairy-tail dress? Do you want a train? if so a short understated or a long extravagant train? Sleeves, open-backed, neckline or bustier.

The possibilities are endless. Is your heart set on a wedding dress from a particular designer? Many bridal shops will remove designer labels from their dresses.

This is to avoid you trying them on then going online to find the same dress cheaper elsewhere.

Bridal magazines and websites will have plenty of examples of current styles and trends but it is your wedding day. Styles and fashions change but some looks are timeless.

Looking for some wedding dress ideas, click here ➢

Buy quality.

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Quality in wedding dresses isn’t just about the quality of the dress, although that is very important the quality of service you get from your vendor.

What service do they offer for final fitting, alterations or assistance with accessories?

Some bridal shops offer a wedding day service where they will come along and help you get dressed,

I know this may sound unnecessary but you’d be surprised at just how many times I’ve seen people struggling to lace up a wedding dress or fiddling for eternity with all the buttons.

Your wedding dress is a big investment and even the most beautiful dress can look “not quite right” if not put on correctly, consider accepting the vendors help on the day.

More on quality.

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There has been a trend over the last few years to have dresses imported.

This can cut the price of your wedding dress to a fraction of what it would have cost here in the UK and I have seen some very good copies but at the same time, I have seen some that could have you in tears.

I have heard stories from brides in a blind panic days before the wedding day trying to find somebody to fix a badly made dress or trying to find a replacement.

Like just about everything in life, “you get what you pay for”

Go early.

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I don’t just mean order your dress early although that is key too. Somebody once told me that an early appointment at your chosen bridal boutique pays well.

Everybody is fresh and has not spent all day assisting brides with dresses. The shop is generally much quieter so you will get better attention from the staff.

Pretty much all boutiques operate on an appointment system so booking the first appointment of the day should be straight forward and hopefully, the only interruption you should expect is an occasional delivery.

Take pictures.

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Some dress shops don’t allow this or will discourage it, call ahead first to find out.

I know this goes slightly against my first point but having photographs of you in your wedding dress will help you choose the best dress for you.

It’s easy to get carried away with a particular style in the shop but taking a more relaxed look later can really help.

Just make sure your bridesmaid doesn’t post the pictures on Facebook……

Don’t overdose.

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Trying on too many wedding dresses can turn the whole experience into a blur. You can always schedule an additional appointment.

Take a couple of days to shortlist the ones you really like before going back to try alternatives.

You will find you will have a much clearer idea of what you want and will be able to zero in on your perfect wedding dress.

Enjoy yourself.

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This is the most important tip, it should be a fun experience, take along your bridesmaids, mother and enjoy the experience. It’s all part of your special day.

Think of it as a fun ‘dressing up like a princess day’ let your inner 5-year-old out, I’m sure she’ll have lots of fun.

I hope some of this is helpful, if so please like and share this so others can find it too (see below).

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