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Ormskirk Weddings – CA

A small selection from this beautiful wedding in Ormskirk at St. Annes Church.

Ormskirk Wedding Gallery.

A Little About St. Annes Church in Ormskirk.

The present church was built in 1850, is at least the third place of worship that Ormskirk Catholics have used since the Reformation. We must always remember, however, that our beautiful building represents the community that regularly gathers here to celebrate Mass, the central act of worship for Catholic Christians.

We are a lively and active parish. Viewing the pages of our website gives an indication of some of the many activities in which our parishioners are engaged. Some of our programmes help individuals to develop their own faith while other undertakings enable the parish to reach out to those in need, on our doorstep and in far-flung places around the world.

For centuries the parish of St Anne’s has been served by Benedictine monks, as has our neighbouring parish of St Elizabeth’s in Scarisbrick. Since 1850 the priest monks have belonged to Douai Abbey in Berkshire. Our hope is that the Benedictine tradition of community living continues to nurture the life of our parishioners. Our aim is to provide hospitality and welcome to all who come to St Anne’s.

If you are a long-standing parishioner, someone who has recently moved into the parish, someone who has lost touch with us, or someone who might have just come across us, please know that you are always welcome and we would love to hear from you.

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