Wedding Makeup for Brides

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Gallery of Wedding Makeup Ideas.

From the bold and hearing to the subtle and understated, we’ve brought together some beautiful wedding makeup ideas for your perfect wedding day look.

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What Every Bride Should Know About Wedding Makeup And Current Trends

Are you ready to plan your wedding day look? These trends in wedding makeup will help you create a unique bridal look that is both contemporary and stylish.

As with many other aspects of wedding planning, you should incorporate your own personal style into your bridal makeup look. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a timeless classic look or a more trendy glamourous look, it is always worth researching the most popular wedding makeup trends.

Once you have hired a wedding makeup artist, they will help you achieve the best possible look for your big day. There are many ways to inject an air of chic into your wedding makeup while still letting your natural beauty shine through.


These bridal makeup looks are real brides who can inspire you with ideas and looks for your wedding makeup.

Remember the number one golden wedding rule: It’s the brides day and she can choose the wedding style.

One bride may prefer glam, while another bride might be more comfortable with natural makeup. Your own personal style is the best way to go, find wedding makeup looks that inspire you and fit your wedding style.

Classic Bridal Makeup

An elegant, timeless bridal look is never out of fashion. Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding ceremony day.

Classic bridal makeup such as nude lipstick, gloss, and rosy blush is a signature of wedding makeup and can simply enhance your natural beauty.

Matte wedding ceremony makeup.

You don’t have to be a glitter queen to get married. You can look just as glamorous and extravagant in a full-matte style as it is in a shimmery version.

The neutral, sexy matte look is completed by bronzer and nude lipstick.

This helps to prevent shine on your wedding photographs, keep blotting paper in your clutch, or realistically, in the bag of your maid-of-honour.

Glowy wedding makeup.

Copper and gold can make your winter wedding feel extravagant and festive. They also give skin a healthy glow when applied to your cheekbones.

You can make your look last all night with glittery gilded eyes, metallic lips, or a gilded highlighter in powder formulas instead of cream or oil.

Natural Wedding Makeup Ideas

It’s all about you. So it makes sense to take a personal approach when it comes to your wedding makeup. Sometimes, this means staying natural. Natural makeup for weddings can help you feel more confident and look better on your big day.


Cream blush

Cream blush is a unique way to add a special touch to your makeup, and it will be an excellent choice for your wedding day.

Cream blushes add a natural glow to the skin, giving it a youthful and glowing look. Blush gives your face a radiant look, lifts the cheekbones, and adds a healthy glow.

Blonde, fluffy eyebrows

You know the saying “If you have it, show it”?

Big brows are the new style in eyebrows. Do not be afraid to brush your brows and check out how they lift the eyes and make your face look more awake!

A big trend is straight and flat brows. You can achieve this look with brow gel or brow lamination. Then, fill in any gaps with subtle colour.

Fox’s eye

The Fantastic, Mrs Fox is the perfect choice for a captivating look. Fox-Eye is the new trend for 2022 that lifts and elongates the eyes.

It creates the illusion that the edges are pointed and long, giving it a more sexy appearance.

Fluffy lashes

Add false lashes to complete the look, and watch your eyes pop! For a more dramatic look, you can either use individual lashes or the entire lash set.

Both options are great, but it all comes down to personal preference. False lashes are better than lashes that are too thick or too short.

They look more elegant and feminine. They will not make your eyes appear smaller but give you that wide-eyed model look.

Bold red lips

A bold red lipstick can be incorporated into any wedding, even if paired with Southwestern-inspired hues.

A bold red lipstick can perfectly matches the rich colours in the bouquets if done correctly, bringing the whole look together.

A Thin Eyeliner for a Clear Face

For an outdoor or Boho wedding, this bride can choose to wear barely-there makeup and still have long lashes. The look is effortless with natural lipstick.

Winged Eyeliner with Pink Lips

This is a beautiful composition. The berry-hued bouquet of this bride is beautifully complemented with a winged liner or pale pink lipstick. 

Top Wedding Makeup Tips For Every Bride 

Use quality waterproof products.

The difference between looking beautiful and looking flawless is in the quality of the makeup you use. After shedding a few tears, don’t regret wiping off your mascara.

Waterproof makeup shouldn’t look messy. This wedding makeup tip will save you from looking like a panda on your big day.

Book a makeup session trial.

The trial makeup session is essential for both the makeup artist as well as you. You will feel confident and happy knowing that you have the option to try out different looks on your big day.

As a bonus, many makeup artists will include this in their fee, and if you want to make the most of it, book a date night with your partner on the same day, so you know your makeup will be perfect.

Use false lashes

Fake eyelashes are great for any special occasion and especially situations where you will be photographed. Full strip lashes are a great option for people with thin or uneven natural lashes. You can enhance your eyelashes by adding individual eyelashes.

You need to consider the season of your wedding.

The bride must consider the time of year that she will be having her wedding when choosing her foundation.

You want something that doesn’t dry out or look flat in winter but is not too shiny in summer. Long-wearing foundations are best if your wedding ceremony will be held in the morning and you want your makeup to look fantastic until the end of the night.

Drink plenty of water before the wedding day.

This top beauty tip can be used all year, but it is even more crucial as the wedding day nears. For the best makeup application, hydrated skin is essential.

Balance your look

Smoky looks can be achieved by using light skin makeup and natural colours on the lips. Lighten your skin makeup if you want bold lips. Matte lipstick is my favourite because it lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

It is highly recommended that you use professional makeup

Your wedding makeup should be flawless and last all night. For the best results, make sure you only use high-quality products that your skin will not badly react to and will last the whole day.

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One of the two most popular makeups I see brides using is Naked makeup from Urbandecay.

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. So if you use them you’ll still get the same great price but I’ll also get a little commission too. That helps me out a lot and thank you to everybody who has supported me.*



Urban Decay’s Naked makeup effect has it all! From bestselling colour palettes to their must-have contouring kit, they have your beauty routine covered.

Try the concealers, translucent powder and highlighter for a natural makeup look and glow. For full coverage and skin repair, apply the Naked Skin colour correctors and All Nighter Foundation to balance skin and undertones.

Note: Some of these are affiliate links so I get a kickback if you use it but the great news is it doesn’t cost you anymore and it helps me out.


Just a few of their wide range but some that I see the most at weddings.

Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette.

Naked makeup 1 1024x668 1

OUNCE (ivory shimmer), CHASER (light nude matte), SAUCED (soft terracotta matte), LOW BLOW (brown matte), LUMBRE (copper shimmer with gold pearl shift), HE DEVIL (burnt red matte), DIRTY TALK (metallic burnt red), SCORCHED (metallic deep red with gold micro-shimmer), CAYENNE (deep terracotta matte), EN FUEGO (burgundy matte), ASHES (deep reddish-brown matte), EMBER (deep metallic copper-burgundy).

Palettes by Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics.

Naked makeup 2 1 1024x1024 1

ml size perfect for travelling.

URBAN DECAY Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette.

Naked makeup 3 1 1024x1024 1

Create stunning, natural-looking eyes with the URBAN DECAY Naked3 eyeshadow palette. Containing 12 matte, pearl and metallic shades which range from the most delicate pastel pink to deep black, the set contains every colour you need to give your peepers a hint of subtle shimmer. Formulated with the Pigment Infusion System™, the colours have superior blend-ability, pigmentation and staying power, so you can achieve a long-lasting effect. Complete with a double-ended brush, an in-built mirror and resealable samples of all four Eyeshadow Primer Potions, the shadows come presented in an embossed palette. Directions for use: Apply the primer to your eyelids. Use the double-ended brush to apply and blend your chosen eyeshadows.

Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette 12 Golden Neutrals.

Naked Honey

Raw and sticky sweet—just the way nature intended. Get hooked on Urban Decay’s Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette; its 12 golden neutrals include classic golds, warm ambers, and rich chocolate browns. Reach for Amber (it practically glows), create the perfect hazy, smoked-out eye with Sting (warm brown matte), or get hooked on Honey (intense gold metallic) for the ultimate ’70s statement eye. Blending your best look, from daytime matte to sultry metallic, is easy since the Naked Honey Palette comes with a double-ended brush

URBAN DECAY Naked Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette TRAVEL SIZE.

Naked makeup ph 1 1024x677 1
  • This ultra-compact eyeshadow palette featuring six all-new scorched neutral eyeshadow colours
  • With five matte shades for lid, crease and liner, plus one demi-matte highlighting shade, it has everything you need to create looks that range from soft and sultry to flat-out fire.
  • The ultra-compact packaging is perfect as travel makeup and fits in your smallest purse. But don’t let its petite exterior fool you—it contains FULL-SIZE pans and a mirror.
  • Naked Petite Heat Eyeshadow Palette TRAVEL SIZE. 100% cruelty-free.
  • Shades included: INHALE (cream demi-matte) VIBRATE (soft nude matte) HOT SPELL (terra-cotta matte) WILD THING (scorched-orange matte) HEIST (rich cayenne matte) STRIKE (rich reddish-brown matte)


Naked makeup reloaded 1 1024x883 1

Reinvent. Redefine. Rethink neutral.

Meet the Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette, with 12 all-new, universally flattering shades designed for everyone—any age, gender, and skin tone.

The new neutrals are here, but they’re anything but ordinary. Rethink neutral with the Naked Reloaded palette, the essential eyeshadow palette featuring 12 nudes you’ll always need, all in one place.

Naked Ultimate Basic Eye Palette 12 X 1.3G.

Naked makeup ub 1 1024x822 1
  • There’s only one Naked, and once you go Naked, you’ll never go back
  • Matte Eyeshadow Palette with 12 ALL-NEW Neutrals
  • Fill Weight: 12 x 1.2 g NET WEIGHT

URBAN DECAY COSMETICS Naked Skin Shapeshifter – Medium Dark Shift.

Naked makeup skin 1 1024x662 1

URBAN DECAY COSMETICS Naked Skin Shapeshifter – Medium Dark Shift

URBAN DECAY Lightbeam Eyeshadow Palette TRAVEL SIZE.

Naked makeup travel 1 1024x865 1
  • Sleek warm-hued TRAVE SIZE palette, featuring five brand-new Eyeshadow shades from can’t-live-without neutrals to a blow-your-mind orange and a super-sparkly, shifty metallic.
  • With versatile, ultra-flattering shades, this TRAVE SIZE compact kit captures your very best light at any time and at every angle.
  • Shades included: NUDIE (soft pink-nude matte) VIBE (warm brown with gold micro-shimmer) PARADOX (metallic orange with gold micro-shimmer) GOLDEN HOUR (burnt red with green shift and green micro-shimmer) INFLUENCE (metallic brown with gold micro-shimmer)
  • Lightbeam Eyeshadow Palette TRAVEL SIZE
  • 100% cruelty-free.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Make-up Peptide Infused Light Diffusing Shade 8.75 (30ml).

Naked makeup skin 1 2 1024x1024 1

Transform your complexion and discover a flawless finish. Urban Decay understands the balance between luminosity, weightlessness and coverage, combining all three in the Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup.

With a demi-matte finish and light-diffusing spheres to help blur imperfections and wrinkles and look like you’ve been professionally retouched, this buildable formula perfectly complements your complexion and provides medium to full coverage with a flawless demi-matte finish.

Urban Decay – ‘Naked Skin’ concealer 5ml Fair Warm.

Naked makeup skin 1 3 1024x1024 1

URBAN DECAY Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette.

Naked makeup btr 1 1024x1024 1

URBAN DECAY Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette Urban Decay is 100% CRUELTY-FREE. BRAND: Urban Decay is beauty with an edge. Feminine, dangerous and fun, it appeals to women who relish their individuality and dare to express it. From their insane range of velvety Eyeshadows-including the bestselling Naked Palettes-to their award-winning eye liners, budge-proof mascaras and legendary Makeup Setting Sprays, they have been shaking up the industry for over 15 years.

URBAN DECAY Sweet Little Vices – MINI Lipstick Set.

Naked makeup lipstick 1 1024x983 1
  • This Vice Lipstick set features four MINI limited-edition shades
  • In three addictive flavours: sweet honey, juicy cherry, and cinnamon heat in a sheer, comfort matte, and metallic finishes.
  • Shades: California Honey – Honey-flavored metallic golden orange with gold shimmer Keep Tame – Honey-flavored sheer medium warm nude Bing – Cherry-flavored bright pink comfort matte Red Hot – Cinnamon-flavored bright red comfort matte
  • Sweet Little Vices – MINI Lipstick Set
  • 100% CRUELTY-FREE.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette.

Naket Cherry 1024x1024 1


Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body~AURA.

Naked Illuminated 1 1024x944 1

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body~AURA.


  • An innovative, versatile powder bronzer for face & body
  • Features a finely milled, super-soft & silky-creamy formula that glides on smoothly

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Wedding Nail Design Ideas.

Want To Do It Yorself?

I’ve collected some products that will help you get some of these looks yourself, Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. So if you use them you’ll still get the same great price but I’ll also get a little commission too. That helps me out a lot and thank you to everybody who has supported me.

71SrbZOalS. SL1500

5D Stereoscopic Embossed Flowers Nail Art Stickers Decals Acrylic Engraved Nail Sticker White Embossed Flower Sliders Lace Wedding Design All for Manicure 4 Sheets (5d Stereoscopic).

  • Quality:4 Sheets 5d stereoscopic embossed flowers nail stickers, including feathers, flowers, leaves and other elements , more artistic than traditional nail stickers
  • Safety Material: Our 5d nail decals are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic, Perfect for home use and nail salon
  • Easy to Use : Simple to remove sticker from the film with a tweezers then stick on nail. We recommend to seal with top coat for longer lasting. To remove the sticker,just need to use nail polish remover
  • DIY Nail Art : Great to create your unique awesome nail designs. It is fun to DIY nail art with your family or friends when family gathering and party, enjoy your own shining and special look nails and the good time
  • Fun Time: Good gift for your girlfriend, mother, sister etc for wedding, party or weekend dating. So much fun for nail get together and nail parties.

Drecode Bride Wedding Fake Nails Black Shiny Rhinestones Full Cover Acrylic False Nail Oval Bridal Daily Party Clip Press On Nails for Women and Girls(24Pcs).

  • Bridal glitter rhinestones false nails are made of aryclic,don’t hurt your hand.Easy to use and durable,can be used repeatedly.
  • Black elegant oval fake nail.24pcs fake nails offers to you,can choose the suitable size that fits your finger.
  • Clip on nails are great for various occasions like wedding,party and daily for women and girls.
  • Specification(Width): 1.8cm*2Pcs; 1.7cm*2Pcs; 1.6cm*2Pcs; 1.5cm*4Pcs; 1.4cm*2Pcs; 1.3cm*2Pcs; 1.2cm*2Pcs; 1.1cm*2Pcs; 1cm*2Pcs; 0.9cm*2Pcs; 0.8cm*2Pcs; Offer 24pcs false nails,1 sheet 24 pcs nail sticker and 1 pcs random color nail file for you,can trim and file them to in any length and shape you like.
  • If there is any problem with the product, we will give you a free return and exchange within 30 days.

51aYZQjKiTS. SL1000

CoolNail 3D Bling Glitter Ombre Gradient Natural Nude French Ballerina Coffin False Fake Nails Extra Long.

  • Easy to file, paint and apply
  • Perfect for wedding, party, dating or outdoor, also best gift for friends.
  • Great for both professional nail specialist or nail art learner, suitable for nail salons and home DIY nail art.
  • Package: 24 pcs Nails tips & 1 sheet double side sticker
  • Material: ABS
  • Press on Party Finger Wear 24pc.

Coolnail Glossy White 3D Shiny Holo Gems French Stiletto False Nail Press on Ballet Fake Nails Tips Reusable Wear 24pcs/set.

  • 3D Shiny AB gems flat top false nail
  • EASY TO APPLY & REMOVE: 3 Minutes apply at home instead of 30 minutes in salon shop! It’s make your nails Fashion, Creative and fresh.
  • Practical Application: Great for nails salon, DIY home nails art. Perfect to be used on wedding, dating, and they also suitable for Halloween, Christmas,Valentine’s Day and other festival. Wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, family and friends.
  • These nails are made with high quality ABS material, will last several days with normal care,will be longer when using quality glue
  • VARIOUS SIZES & PERFECT LENGTH: Our fake nails with bags offer 10 different sizes,which is pre-numbered 0-9. So, you can easy to mark it and keep track of, meet more finger nails

KINGMAS 1700pcs Clear Nail Crystals Nail Art Rhinestone Round Shaped Flatback Gems Stones 3 Sizes with Box for Nail Design Craft Art Shoes Wedding.

  • 🎉 Total 1700pcs Super Sparkle Clear Rhinestones Nail Crystals for Crafts and nail art. S(1.5mm, 760pcs), M(2mm, 610pcs), L(3mm, 330pcs) The mixture of different sizes makes it easier to achieve different designs of nail art,which add sparkle and glamour to your crafts, make your nails more dazzling and charming.
  • 🎉 The nail art decoration set not only can be applied to natural or art nails, but also suitable for clothes, shoes, DIY craft, phone case, glasses, card, eyes body and so on. Meets all you need for a huge variety of dazzling nail-art designs.
  • 🎉 Flat back rhinestones in clear color, made of Acrylic, featured with nice shapes and beautiful cutting facets, good as nail art delicate decorations.
  • 🎉 All clear stones are packed in a separate box individually according to their sizes, convenient to pick out the items you need.
  • 🎉 Please Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us If Any Quality Issue. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

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Nail Polish Multi 1

Of course, if you are planning on doing it yourself we always recommend using good quality nail polish. I’ve put together a list of our top ten nail polishes available at Amazon.

Our Top Ten Nail Polish brands.

The Hottest Bridal Nail Trends For 2022

Are you looking for the perfect manicure on your wedding day? You’d think that after choosing a wedding gown, shoes, and hairdo, picking a nail polish colour for the big day would be simple, but the sheer amount of possibilities may be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve gathered the finest of the best for you. Let us dive in and have a look at some amazing styles and nail artworks.

 Negative Space

Leaving a portion of the nail bare or clear, is not just a visually significant trend, but it’s also quite functional. It’s an excellent alternative for honeymooners who don’t want to schedule another appointment during their trip because it gives them more time between manicures.

Glitter Gradient

The most popular nail-art style for weddings is a glitter gradient effect. This has a thicker glitter layer towards the tip that fades to the cuticle, allowing some negative space and nail growth. The recommended hues for this style are pink tones and champagne-coloured holographic specs.

Classic Wedding White

Nothing screams bridal like a traditional white wedding gown. To avoid streaky white nail polish, start with a ridge-filling base layer and let each colour coat dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Bold Black

Are you an unconventional bride who wants to inject some edginess into your wedding ensemble? If that’s the case, black nails are for you! With square, round, or pointed tips, you may go matte or glossy. An all-black manicure will look stunning against a boho-inspired ivory gown, trust us.

Romantic Red

This one is for the more daring brides. For a romantic atmosphere, choose rich red tones ranging from blazing crimson to deep burgundy. Simply choose a colour that complements your bridal attire, wedding theme, and season.

Natural Nails

Natural nails may be both simple and beautiful. Just make sure your nails are in good shape. File the tips to the same length and shape as the rest of your nails, clean your cuticles, and buff your nails. You may go completely naked or add a smidgeon of shine with a coat of clear polish to seal and protect.

French Wedding Nails

Replace the basic white top with a sleek silver top to give the traditional French tips a contemporary makeover. The pink undercoat and gleaming tip will look great with your white gold ring and will show up well in photos.

Creamy White

To avoid oversimplifying matters, there are two distinct sorts of white mains to be aware of. Whereas the first is harsh and contemporary, with a strong opaqueness, the second is considerably softer, with a milky look and a creamy texture.

Love Sparkle

Are you a bride who prefers glitz and glam? Take a look at these gorgeous glistening manicure designs that will go great with your hair and wedding gown. You may go all out with glitter on all of your nails or go for a more subtle look with glitter on every other nail.

3D Nails

Ombre nails are a fantastic way to incorporate the colours of your wedding into your manicure. You may be as subtle or as bold as you want to be. With this nail method, the possibilities are infinite! You may go for a matte manicure, a bit of glitter, or even 3D patterns.

Tips To Avoid Mistakes While Applying Nail Polish

Is there a female here who doesn’t get thrilled over the prospect of a fresh manicure? The entire procedure, from picking the colour of the polish to viewing our freshly painted nails, is strangely pleasant.

But do you become upset when you realise that your nail polish isn’t quite right or has started to chip sooner than you expected?

Below is a list of frequent nail paint blunders and how to avoid them.

Applying a Single Stroke

One of the most common mistakes people make while applying polish is doing it in a single stroke. This not only results in an uneven application, but it also has the potential to leave some blank spots, particularly on the sides. To avoid this problem, apply your polish in three strokes for a more consistent finish.

A Hot Shower Soon After Application

I know what you’re thinking: how does a shower have anything to do with nail polish? It turns out that hot water and nail polish have a direct link. The polish thickens due to the steam and heat from the water, causing bubbles and smearing. To guarantee that your nail paint appears flawless, wait at least an hour between showering and applying it.

Not Cleaning Your Nails

There’s a reason why nail artists usually recommend cleaning your nails with nail polish remover before painting them, even if you don’t have any leftover polish. This is because your nails may still have some dirt or grease on them, which will reduce the polish’s lasting power. Always clean your nails completely before applying the base coat.

Using Expired Products

Have you ever noticed that the nail paint you’ve had since high school becomes gloopy with time? This is because the polish’s solvents evaporate over time, converting the polish into a stringy mess. This is the time to toss off the old nail polish and make room for a new one. Simply adding a bit of nail polish remover might get you out of a spot at a pinch, but it’s not the way forward.

Hitting The Sack Soon After Application

Many ladies like to put their putting nail polish on shortly before going to bed at the end of the day. This is why their nail polish smudges the following day and acquires a texture. Although the polish tends to dry within half an hour maximum, it takes a full day to completely settle onto your nails. Painting your nails in the morning or at least three to four hours before bed is an easy way to avoid this problem.

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Wedding Photographer.

Photography by Bryan.

Call Bryan: 07955 888 761


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