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Mytton Fold Hotel Wedding

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Holly & Philip were married at the beautiful wedding venue The Mytton Fold Hotel in Blackburn, They had entered our competition in September to win their wedding photography along with a storybook wedding album and they won. The draw for the winners was random so I had no idea who I would be working with, I remembered Holly & Philips story about how they met.

A modern romance, they met on Facebook and chatted online for a few months before the meeting, Holly says they fell in love as soon as they met and looking at the way they looked at each other throughout their wedding day I can honestly believe it.

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They continued to commute between Blackpool and Manchester to see each other as much as they could for the next 2 years before deciding to move in together.

They bought their first house together in Blackpool and started a family. Last year they decided it was time to get married, several happy years together, two beautiful children and a now slightly worn but happy in the family home it was time for them to all share the same name.

I met with Holly & Philip last year at their wedding venue Mytton Fold Hotel in Blackburn last year and quickly realised I had found another lovely couple to work with, I have been so lucky with the couples I have photographed weddings with and i could see this was going to be another fun day.

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The wedding competition was for a part-day package but we arrived a few hours early and decided to make good use of the extra time and get some bridal preparation pictures.

After meeting Holly and introducing ourselves to her bridesmaids I sent Lloyd off to find the groom and his best man to get some pictures of them getting ready while i settled in with the girls and had a laugh.

There was the normal hustle and bustle of Holly getting ready for her wedding day but it was relaxed and playful too,

Mytton Fold is a beautiful wedding venue set in the tranquil outskirts of Blackburn, it is a picturesque country wedding setting and makes for a lovely place to get married.

In her dress, hair and makeup complete Holly looked stunning as every bride deserves to, She had some beautiful finishing touches to her outfit provided my her grandmother including earnings with a little blue.

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Her bridesmaids all in blue looked lovely and complimented her look and the colour scheme she had chosen.

The wedding ceremony was relaxed and with me, in position at the front and Lloyd at the back, we had some really good angles to photograph and create some images that would capture the day.

It had been snowing the day before but it was a bright winter day at Mytton Fold and the venue has a lovely feature garden complete with a bridge over the pond ideal for getting some outside photographs of the newlyweds.

All the guests were in good spirits and both myself and Lloyd had a good laugh interacting and photographing them and the day’s events, we took the opportunity to get a few couples photographs outside once it had gone dark before we left the happy couple and their wedding guest to enjoy the rest of their night.

A beautiful wedding with a couple obviously madly in love and a real pleasure to be a part of, Valentine’s day is coming up soon and I think I am going to run another similar competition as this one was such a success and a pleasure to be involved in. Thank you, Holly & Phil, and may you have a long happy life together.

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