Matara Centre Wedding – EB.

Wedding at the Matara Centre.

Emma and Billy had their beautiful Matara Centre Wedding last week.

Matara Centre Wedding Gallery.

A selection of some of the day pictures, hope you enjoy them.

Matara Centre Wedding Day.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 3

It has been a few years since I photographed a wedding at the Matara Centre so I was really looking forward to this one. The Matara is a beautiful and unique wedding venue but more about that later.

I arrived a little early so took the chance to have a little walk around the venue. The florist ‘Jenny Fleur’ was already busy making the place look pretty. Have a look at her site here.

The venue has developed a little since I was last here but it is still a beautiful, tranquil place to be.

Bridal Preparation.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 60

The bride, Emma and her 5 bridesmaids were getting ready in the garden room. All the girls had wedding dressing gowns on all with their names and roles on the back. The girls were all giddy and having fun. Emma was keeping calm and relaxed but it’d be difficult not to feel relaxed at the Matara. The hairstylists were making use of some of the beautiful flowers around the room to decorate the girl’s hair. I photographed the wedding dress and Emma’s Harry Potter-inspired shoes.

The Grooms morning.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 75

I gave the girls a little bit of time alone and headed over to the Hunters Hall just over the road were Billy was preparing for his wedding day. The boys were in good spirits enjoying a drink and greeting guests as they arrived there. I photographed a little of what was going on before getting the groom and his groomsmen outside for a quick few pictures there.

Then it was back over the road to the Matara Centre and the bridal party.

Back with the girls.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 53

When I arrived back with the girls their hair and makeup were just about done. It was time to get photographs of their matching slippers and take them into the woods to get pictures of them in their dressing gowns and enjoying a bit of bubbly. The girls got dressed first and enjoyed a little more bubbly as Emma put on her wedding dress assisted by the hair and makeup crew.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 66

Emma wanted to make an entrance with her bridesmaids and she did, this is always a good opportunity to get some lovely photographs of the bridesmaid’s initial reactions. Emma’s sister Lucy couldn’t contain herself and the tears started. Emma did look stunning.

By this time it was time to take a short walk through the wooded area to where the ceremony would be held.

The Matara Centre Wedding Ceremony.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 89

As always the Matara Centre was decorated beautifully, I love the layout here, The view across the pond to the area of the ceremony makes for some lovely photographs. Billy and his best man Sean were waiting under the arch and Sean was offering a few words of……… “encouragement’ as they did.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 94

I love the way the bridal party makes their entrance at the Matara. Lucy led the way followed by the other four bridesmaids. Finally, it was the bride’s turn to enter. The bridal party walked from the back past the guests to the left of the pond and to the front for the wedding service. this gives the guests the chance to get a good look at them as they pass and the groom the opportunity to get a glimpse of his bride before she reaches him.

The ceremony was a nice length without being too long. Once it was done and the newlyweds had signed the register they were presented to the guests ready to be showered in confetti as they walked past them along the pond.

After the wedding ceremony.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 110

Everybody gathered in the courtyard for drinks, canapés and the opportunity to congratulate the couple. This is the perfect time to get some nice candid photography done by the wedding guests. Then photograph some of the table decorations before the guests are seated.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 166

Emma and Billy had decided to mark the occasion by planting a rose bush in the gardens, They had done this earlier but would add a “wish ribbon’ to the stake that the plant would grow on. the couple and all their guest were invited to join them during this ceremony and add their wish ribbons to the stake also.

Moving the wedding guests from one location to another always gives a good opportunity to get some more candid and even posed photographs.

The wedding breakfast and speeches.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 181

Billy led the speeches with a little help from Emma. The best man followed with an interesting and amusing attack on the groom. Earlier when I was with the couple Emma said something that now made sense. As we walked through the gardens for them to tie their wishing ribbons to the rose bush, Emma turned to Billy and said: “Later on just remember I do love you”.

The year before Sean had been recovering from a quite severe illness and to cheer him up Emma and Billy had on accession included messages to keep Sean smiling, some included some hilarious pictures where Billy had been dressing up and posing like he was on a photo shoot. Sean had of course taken this opportunity to have some of the best ones printed and made into an album. He and Emma took great delight in sharing these photographs with the wedding guests.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 200

It was all in very good taste and Billy took it well but it had many of the audience left with tears of laughter running down their faces.

This led straight into the wedding breakfast and my cue to take a break and get something to eat. Emma and Billy had provided me with a meal. As I remembered the food at The Matara Centre was delicious.

The wedding evening.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 230

Once the couple were finished we took a little walk around the grounds of the Matara to have a couples session and create some pretty pictures. As I said earlier the Matara is filled with beautiful little spots to photograph anything.  This wedding venue really stands out for a newlyweds photo shoot.

Matara Wedding Venue EB 237

I made sure to have the couple back in time to cut the cake then it was straight into the first dance where the couple were quickly joined by the rest of the wedding guests and the party was in full force. Time for me to say my goodbyes and head up the motorway to Preston for a wedding the following day.

Matara Centre Wedding Slide Show.

The Matara Centre.

The venue is filled with many interesting spots all dotted around the pace. Including wishing trees, beautiful gardens, walks and inspirational quotes from people like Thich Nhat Hanh. I highly recommend you have a look if you considering getting married anywhere near the Cotswolds and even if you are not. have a look at their website here.

Thank you, Matara and I hope to be back soon x. 

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