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My First Wedding.

My first wedding was in early 2009, at this time I was working with a local photography studio in Bristol learning how to photograph in a studio. It was this day that I knew I wanted my future to be in photographing weddings. I fell in love with wedding photography on this day and 13 years later I look back on this day as the turning point in my life.

I made the right decision, I still get just as excited about photographing a wedding as I did on this day.

Weddings at Leigh Court, Bristol.

This is a small selection of the photographs from this beautiful wedding atLeigh Court, if you’d like to see the full album click the button below.

Leigh Court Wedding Gallery

Looking back at these pictures I had a lot to learn about photography and I think in many ways I still have much to learn but that’s part of the fun, there is always more to learn and new ideas and techniques to try.

If any of you play golf (not my area of expertise, I’m definitely a hacker). You’ll understand chasing the perfect round. As you get better your percentage of good shots gets better, your total shots per round gets lower. But, every now and then one ball slices off into the rough. You’re always chasing the perfect round.

Photographing a wedding can be a bit like that, I still get the occasional “not quite what I wanted’ image but they are few and far between compared with this wedding back in 2010. And, now I’m hitting greens consistently and finishing with a handful of birdies, the occasional albatross and chasing a condor.

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