Ellenborough Park Wedding – JG.

Ellenborough Park Wedding.

A beautiful east meets west wedding, with Garvan’s coming from Ireland and Julia’s from Belarus there was always going to be plenty of laughs and a few drinks.

Both the bride and groom stayed at Ellenborough Park the night before so it made it easy for me to flit between the two.

Bridal Preparation.

Ellenborough Park wedding 28 2

As always I started with the bride as she prepared for her wedding day but was able to nip over to see the groom and his groomsmen a couple of times as they struggled with ties and cufflinks.

Juvila looked stunning in her dress and The venue was beautifully presented as always.

We managed a little escape session to get some couples photographs before the first dance and the grounds at Ellenborough park made a lovely backdrop.

Ellenborough Park Wedding Gallery.

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