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Garstang Country Hotel Wedding.

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My morning began with the bride (Louise) and her bridesmaids at the Marriott Hotel Preston. The girls took it easy having their hair and makeup done. I gave them a little bit of time and photographed the dress and details back in the bridal suite.

Once I returned the girls were well on their way to being ready. After a few more photographs of the girls getting ready it was time for Louise to get into her wedding dress.

Once dressed Louise’s father joined the party and it was all he could do to keep the tears in. Louise looked stunning. There was just enough time for a few more pictures before Louise and her bridal party headed off to Garstang country hotel for the wedding.

At the wedding venue.

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Anthony was waiting at Garstang country hotel, welcoming the wedding guests. Both the groom and best man were feeling very nervous but they were helping each other to keep it together.

Anthony looked like he was going to lose it as he watched the bridesmaids walk in and he waited for his bride. His face lit up as Louise walked down the aisle accompanied by her father.

The wedding service was lovely and the couple exchanged some beautiful looks as they made their wedding vows.

After the wedding ceremony.

After the wedding service, the newlyweds and the wedding guests were led outside into the garden at the for drinks and a chance to congratulate the couple.

This is always an excellent opportunity to get some nice candid photographs of the wedding guests. It’s also the best time to photograph the reception room before the wedding breakfast.

Wedding Speeches.

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The wedding speeches were due to take place after the meal but Anthony was a little nervous about his speech and wasn’t able to eat his dinner. The staff halted the meal and we had the wedding speeches a little early.

The father of the bride led the way warming the crowd up nicely and getting lots of laughs. The groom followed and once up Anthony settled into his speech easily and confidently. He had many beautiful things to say about his bride.

Andrew, the best man brought up the rear and gave a lovely heartfelt speech with just a few worrying moments for Anthony. All the speeches were genuine and in good taste.

Wedding evening.

Garstang Country Hotel Wedding LA 117

The light was starting to drop, a perfect time to take the couple out to get a few more intermit shots of them and give them a little break from the day and a chance to catch their breath together. The venue had provided us with a couple of golf carts, so it was time to go explore and have a play.

We found a few ideal spots to photograph the newlyweds around the golf course.

Once back at the venue I set up for the confetti shot and a few more candid photographs while everybody was having fun.

All that was left was to cut the wedding cake, have the first dance then party and enjoy.

A lovely wedding day with an enjoyable couple very much in love, I couldn’t ask for more.

Wedding Slideshow.

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