Couples first dance on their wedding night

Wedding First Dance Songs.

Popular Wedding First Dance Songs.

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Your first dance as a married couple is important. Will you have a slow shuffle around the dance floor or will it be a big choreographed routine?

Whatever you decide it is vital that you pick the right wedding song to accompany your first dance and husband and wife.

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Top 10 Wedding First Dance Songs.

Here are the results of a recent survey of the top 10 first dance wedding songs for 2019.

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  1. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith ➢.
  2. Amazed – Lonestar. ➢
  3. Wherever you will go – Charlene Soraia ➢.
  4. A thousand years – Christina Perri. ➢
  5. I’m yours – Jason Mraz ➢.
  6. Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls ➢.
  7. At last – Etta James ➢.
  8. Truly madly deeply – Savage Garden ➢.
  9. Run – Leona Lewis ➢.
  10. Let’s stay together – Al Green ➢.

Honourable Mentions.

Modern Songs for Bridal Party Entrance

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Picking Your First Dance Song.

That particular song you share.

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Maybe the song that was playing when you first met. Or the tune on the radio when plucked up the courage to ask them out on a date. A pet song you sing to each other.

Whatever makes that song unique to you both is what makes it so special and an excellent choice for your first dance together.

A classic love song.

You can’t go wrong with a classic right? Probably not, I will go into more detail about specific songs later but many new and old classics come up a lot.

I was pleased to see one of my favourite modern classics make the number 1 spot in a recent survey.

Something a bit daft.

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It could also be that silly song you share a guilty pleasure for. Or maybe you just want your wedding guests to have a bit of a laugh.

Not that any wedding should need it but this can make a good icebreaker and get your guests on to the dance floor with you quickly.

A plus if you are not confident about your dance moves.

Who Plays the Music?

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Wedding DJ – Of course, the standard is to have a DJ spinning the digital decks. This works well, it’s the version we all know and recognise.

A good DJ will read the mood and tastes of the wedding guests well. He will keep the energy going all evening by switching around the tracks.

A wedding band – A great choice. You have to love the sound of live music. They can also personalise your chosen song to suit you.

Great energy and a good choice. It’s so easy for them to deviate from their set but many good wedding bands can and will if they feel the guests are looking for something a little different.

A family member or guest – I have seen this done beautifully many times. Somebody close to the couple Plays and/or sings the newlyweds first dance song. I think this makes it a very personal and special moment.

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