Finding Your Wedding Theme

6 Tips on How to Choose A Perfect Wedding Theme!


Your wedding theme is an excellent opportunity to make your dream wedding day accurately represent you and your partner’s personalities.

That’s why it is essential to choose a theme that speaks to you and represents who you are as a couple, and not what you think other people think or expect your wedding to be.

Whether you are lost on where to start, or you are feeling overwhelmed by choices and unable to settle on one theme. The simple steps below should help you narrow your search and discover your ideal wedding vibe.

#1 Look at your colour and style preferences:

Selecting a wedding theme colour will help you start the process of finding your perfect wedding theme. It could be your favourite colours as a couple. If they pair well, that’s an excellent way to add touches of both you and your partner’s personalities into the wedding theme.

If you don’t have a particular colour you both love, take a hint from your wardrobe and recognize the colours you wear the most. In addition to staring at your closet, look at your home decor style as well. Examine your home decor style and get a good sense of how you want your wedding to look.

#2 Express a shared passion.


Although it can be true that opposites attract, many couples have a passion that they share, and this can be a great starting point for deciding on your wedding theme.

Do you share a passion for travel and want to see the world together? Maybe you could consider a theme based on the places you have visited together and places you plan to go to next.

Are you both big film fans? How about making your wedding decor based on your favourite film or films.

Maybe you share a love of Scifi. A full-on Comi-Con themed wedding may not be for everyone, but it will undoubtedly be memorable.

Is literature your shared passion? Maybe you share a favourite author or book, and you can incorporate their works or the story into the wedding day.

The options are endless, from pets, food or even stamp collecting, there will be something that captures the heart and imagination of you both.

#3 Consider your venue:


Your wedding venue is another crucial factor you need to consider while finding your wedding theme. Whether you have already booked the venue or you are still looking, and you have a good idea of the type of venue you want your wedding to be held in.

A theme that works well in an old rustic barn conversion may not fit well in a modern grand hotel or even a beach wedding.

Have a clear idea of the feel you want to achieve for your wedding. Pay close attention to the venue’s ambience, surroundings, features, and get inspiration from your wedding venue.

What does your venue look like? Is it indoor or outdoor, is it a vast open space or an intimate venue? Are you getting married in a church, a hall, barn, or garden? What kind of colours suit the venue and don’t clash with the existing decor? A bigger open space will likely need more decorating to embellish it, consider this when setting your budget

If it is an established wedding venue, they will be able to guide you, make suggestions and show you lots of pictures of how other people have used the space to make it their own.

Remember that it doesn’t matter where your big day will take place, there’s always room to add little details that embody your unique personal style.


#4 Let the season inspire you:

Think about the time of year your wedding day will take place. This can also guide you in crafting a perfect wedding theme. Whether your wedding is taking place in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter? Each season offers its own atmosphere and vibe. A wedding venue can look very different at different times of the year. Other details such as a menu, attire, and flowers will also depend on the season. If your heart is set on having daffodils, then you should probably be thinking about a spring wedding.

For a summer wedding themes include bold and bright tones. If you’re having a spring wedding, try a theme of natural elements, beautiful blooming bouquets, and a garden look. A winter wedding can be lifted with glitter and bright whites will provide ideal bright settings to what could feel a little dark and gloomy. And for an autumn wedding theme, go for fall foliage, maybe burgundy and burnt orange tones.

#5 Think About the Dress Code:


Do you have a particular dress code in mind for your big day? The vibe you desire to feel during the day can be affected by how perfectly it fits into the wedding theme. Asking your guests to dress for a black-tie or formal event will create a particular classy atmosphere that will be better suited to a more formal wedding venue, but a more bohemian theme will work better in a rustic setting. 

When deciding on a dress code, consider how you are as a couple. Are you always on-trend or are you laid-back? Look what’s your style and what you like to wear on special occasions and apply that to pick a theme that meets both of your personalities. 

#6 Control your wedding budget:

Now, if you’ve got a specific wedding theme in mind, the last thing you need to do is overlook is the wedding budget and it’s easy to get carried away. If a wedding theme you love exceeds your realistic budget, you may need to get a little creative. Some themes can be more pricey than others, so keep your wedding budget in mind as you narrow down your decisions. 


For instance, a dazzling wedding party in a big ballroom involves many decorations, lights, and flowers. However, a vintage chic garden-themed wedding can be a good choice if your budget is a little tight because a nature-themed wedding in the garden or barn avoids spending a lot on decoration and other elements.

In Summary:

Remember that this celebration is all about showing your love and embarking on your future together as a couple. Stay true to yourself and choose a theme that fits your joint personalities and journey together.

After all, it’s your wedding day!

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