Wedding at The Pittville pump rooms -ES.

Wedding at The Pittville pump rooms

Emma and Seth’s wedding at Pittville Pump Rooms and reception at the Tithe barn Cheltenham.

Pittville pump rooms ES 104

This has to be one of the more memorable weddings I have photographed this year, and for good reason.

I started the day with Seth and his groomsmen.

The boys were enjoying a nice glass of good scotch and in very high spirits.

Seth was obviously very nervous but also very excited.

The banter between the guys was unique and showed they were all very close and life long friends.

The wedding gallery.

Pittville pump rooms ES 13

The topics of conversation were….. “interesting” but always fun, light-hearted and not suitable to be repeated here.

The boys were so much fun and a really uplifting way to start the day.

Once ready we all headed over to the Pittville Pump Rooms for the wedding.

This is a very iconic English building and a beautiful wedding venue. In its grounds is a public park so there were plenty of onlookers who were as always interested in the wedding party gathering outside.

The fun and games continued as the boys greeted the wedding guests and it gave me the opportunity to get some nice candid photographs as well as have a quick look around the venue.

The bride arrives.

Pittville pump rooms ES 76

I wasn’t photographing bridal preparation for this wedding so this was my first chance to see Emma in her wedding dress as she arrived.

Emma’s father not only accompanied her but he drove her, he was to play a more of an active role in the day than normal but more of that later.

Once the bride had been interviewed by the registrars she was driven around the building to meet her bridesmaids and a few photographs before heading in.

Seth had asked for a specific photograph once the wedding ceremony was underway.

Pittville pump rooms ES 81

I photographed Emma entering the venue and Seth’s reaction when he saw her then quickly headed upstairs to get the high-level photograph he wanted.

No sooner had I taken it and they were pronounced man and wife! that has to be the quickest wedding ceremony I have seen.

A quick photograph of the first kiss and then I rushed back down the stairs to catch the couple before it was all done.

The newlyweds were taken off to a side room to give the groomsmen the chance to arrange the guests into two lines ready to shower the couple with confetti.

Once done a quick thumbs up and Emma & Seth were ushered out to a hail of confetti.

We had enough time for some more candid photography and a full group shot outside of the Pittville pump rooms.

The Tithe barn, Cheltenham.

Pittville pump rooms ES 147

From there it was over to The Tithe barn Cheltenham. The first job was to photograph the wedding breakfast room.

All the decorations had been put together, made by and arranged by the couple and their friends and family.

I believe Emma may have taken the lead on this project and it gave a good outlet for her artsy nature.

Once the room was photographed I went back to getting candid guest photographs before everybody was gathered up and led into the reception room.

The wedding speeches.

Pittville pump rooms ES 224

The wedding speeches were started by the father of the bride. He struck a nice balance of humour, advice and loving memories.

Seth followed on and had many beautiful things to say about his wife and the love and support she and his family have given him over the years.

Chris (the best man) took over from there and a good-humoured and sensitive attack on the groom started. Chris had Seth squirming in his chair and laughing out loud.

The wedding breakfast.

The wedding breakfast was perfect, meat, meat and meat. there was some of that green stuff available too but outside the caterers had a big bbq going filled with sausage, burgers, ribs, halloumi and buns.

Everybody helped themselves and returned to their tables to eat.

Couples photography shoot.

Pittville pump rooms ES 244

After the meal (and I’d had my fill) we had a little walk around the venue to get a few extra posed photographs.

The Tithe barn is a simple venue but there are still many beautiful spots to photograph newlyweds and I made good use of them.

All-day Seth had been itching to get hold of a camera, he is a keen amateur photographer, in fact, I think I’m safe saying this now but he bought himself a nice new 5D and 70-200 L series lens as a wedding present to himself.

I guess Emma know but now. While I was setting up he grabbed a camera and took a selfie of himself and Emma.

The wedding evenings celebrations.

Pittville pump rooms ES 262

The evening was kicked off by the couple cutting the wedding cake and swiftly going into their first dance.

After a short first dance, the couple were quickly joined by their wedding guests.

This marked the start of the guest DJ’s set. Yes, the father of the bride was taking control of the decks.

This marked the end of my working day but I had an easy few days to follow so I joined the couple for a little while and relaxed with them and their guests before saying my goodbyes.

A truly close friends and a family wedding, filled with laughter and good old simple fun> thank you guys, it was a blast.

Wedding slide show.

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