Pre-wedding – Engagement Photography VS.

Engagement Photography.

Sayijan & Vidya had their engagement photoshoot last weekend, We started in Cardiff around the University before taking a walk around Dyffryn Gardens, a beautiful National Trust property. Then later headed west to Caswell Bay in Swansea.

Engagement Pictures.

Engagement Photography.

A fantastic and fun-filled day. A lovely couple who I met a few years ago at an event I regularly photograph.

I turned out the night I met them was their first date and I took the first photograph of them together. I was delighted when they contacted me about photographing their wedding.

When we met to discuss plans for their wedding photography we decided to also do an engagement shoot.

We chose Cardiff because that was they met each other when they attended University there. Also, it is a beautiful city to photograph in.

Next Years Weddings.

They will be married next year. A little out of the norm but they will be having 2 wedding ceremonies.

The first a traditional Hindi with close to 1,000 guests.

I have enlisted some help for that one. The second a more traditional western wedding. I love the cultural variation in weddings and feel lucky to have photographed quite a few ‘none western’ weddings.

I enjoy engagement photoshoots. It gives me a chance to get to know the couple a little better.

See how they act with a camera pointed at them and see how much direction they need. The less direction I give the more natural the images will look.

I will add links to both below.

As promised here are the links to the weddings of Sayijan & Vidya:

Froyle Park wedding.

Oshwal Centre Wedding

Engagement Photographer.

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Engagement Photography – A great way to get comfortable in front of the camera and get some stunning images for wedding invitations

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