Ellenborough Park Wedding – JJ.

Ellenborough Park Wedding.

This was my first same-sex marriage and what a lovely couple. I started the day with Jeana at her family home as she prepared for the day. At the same time, Jenny was at the beautiful Ellenborough Park where she had stayed the night before.

I have photographed many weddings at Ellenborough Park, I was there for a wedding the day before but had to join Jeana in Slough so I still had some driving to do.

Wedding Gallery.

Bridal preparation.

Jeana wore a more traditional Indian wedding sari for her wedding day were Jenny opted for the more western wedding dress.

Both brides looked beautiful in their individual style of dress and the scene was set for a beautiful ceremony.

Wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was held in the chapel at Ellenborough Park. A simple and traditional registry office service. Both brides looked stunning.

After the wedding ceremony, the couple joined their guests in the grounds. The weather was perfect, a warm English summers day. As the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed the venue I took some candid photographs.

Throughout the day the guests were in very good spirits and made my job so much more enjoyable. A beautiful mix of east meets west and amazing weather at the every stunning Ellenborough Park wedding venue.

Same sex marriage.

As a wedding photographer, I love the unique diversity of every wedding I attend. This LGBT wedding was truly memorable and enjoyable for many reasons but probably most of all for the guests. I had so much fun all day. Like all my weddings I met new, fun and interesting friends.

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