Eastington House Wedding.

Eastington House Wedding.

Eastington House is a beautiful wedding venue in Eastington Park, Eastington,
Gloucestershire. They are very focused on weddings and run a smooth efficient wedding day.

Eastington House Wedding Gallery.


Wedding preparation at Eastington House was made easier because the bride and groom ad both stayed in the hotel the night before. I called in on Emily first to capture bridal preparation photographs. Emily had a beautiful and very spacious room for her and her bridesmaids to get ready in.

The side room was laid out perfectly for bridal preparation. With a long wall of mirrors above a shelf, there was plenty of space for hair, makeup and any last-minute touch-up.

I joined the boys downstairs, they were pretty much ready minus a few last-minute touches. As expected Rob and his groomsmen were in the bar joking around and settling nerves.

The groom and his ushers greeted the wedding guests as they arrived, the atmosphere was friendly and jovial.

The wedding ceremony.

Eastington House has a beautiful outside wedding area that had been set out for all the wedding guests and the service. The weather was perfect especially from my vantage point under the shade of a tree.

The bride and her bridesmaids entered across the garden giving the guests and the groom an excellent opportunity to see her beautiful wedding dress.

Emily was accompanied by her very proud and happy looking father. Rob stood with his best man as he waited for his bride to arrive. I could see his face light up when he first saw his bride walking towards him.

The wedding ceremony was light and informal. The couple exchanged loving glances as they made their vows infant of their friends and family.

Once the wedding service had concluded the guests lined up ready to shower the newlyweds in confetti before creating and giving their messages of congratulations.

Post-wedding ceremony.

The guests along with the bride and groom settled in the gardens of Eastington House a few more drinks and a good catch up with everybody.

This is always a good opportunity for me to get some lovely candid photography and in the setting of Eastington House with the perfect weather, it was an easy and delightful time.

This was also the ideal time to get some formal group photographs with the couple and their friends and family. We set up around the back of where the wedding ceremony took place. The steps made staging the shots easy and the backdrop made for beautiful pictures.

Wedding Speeches.

The wedding speeches followed the regular pattern, father of the bride, groom and closed off by the best man All speeches were very heartfelt and sincere with the best man’s speech deserving of a special mention. It was clear he and Rob had been very close friends for a long time.

Along with the normal ripping the groom received there was a lot of very warm and loving detail about the couple and the best man struggled to keep it together.

After the speeches, the couple cut the cake.

Evening Celebrations.

The evening light was perfect so we took a walk in the grounds of Eastington House to get some unique bridal photographs with the newlyweds.

As I have said Eastington House is beautiful and offers many opportunities for stunning pictures. I hope I made the best of the surroundings.

The couple were back in time to have their first dance accompanied by the bride’s sister singing and playing the guitar for them.

I stayed a little longer to get some photographs of the evenings fun and some of the night guests.

Yet another beautiful wedding at a beautiful wedding venue.

Eastington Park Wedding Slideshow.

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