Crossways Hotel Wedding.

The importance of a “Plan B”

Before I talk about this Crossway Hotel Wedding a little background.

Many people in the wedding industry are self-employed, small companies. In many cases, they are “one-man bands” so it is important to have a good network if things go wrong.

Early in 2018 I broke my leg and was unable to walk, so definitely unable to run around all day photographing a wedding. I have spent many years building a good network of other wedding vendors including other wedding photographers I trust and have a similar style to my own.

I was able to cover the bookings I had and not leave my couples struggling to find a replacement wedding photographer weeks before their big day.

This really brought it home to me. Without a good network, I would have let people down. I have been a full-time wedding photographer for 10 years now and this is the first time I have had to deal with this but I always had in mind I might need to one day.

In December I was on the other side of this problem and I was able to return the help I had received earlier this year. A good friend and very talented wedding videographer and photographer found herself unable to photograph a wedding. I was able to step in and photograph this Crossway Hotel Wedding in her place. Take a look at her work at

Crossways Hotel Wedding Album.

Crossways Hotel Wedding.

Finding a wedding photographer whose style you like, within your budget, that you get along with and so on is a very important consideration but also ask about the “what if”. All the other reasons you booked them go out of the window if you get a call a week before your wedding day saying sorry I can’t make it. You’d be surprised how often it happens. I have had many calls asking if I am available in a week or two. When I can I help out, when I can’t I put them in touch with somebody else who can.

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