Cripps Barn Weddings

Cripps Barn Winter Wedding.

Winter Wedding at Cripps Barn.

Cripps Barn Winter Wedding 105

A little rain, a crisp morning and beautiful day for a Cripps Barn winter wedding.

My third day in a row at this venue and no chance of getting bored. Still one of my favourite places to photograph a wedding.

Every day and the place looks different. Every couple puts their own unique stamp on the place.

The staff always friendly, the food is always first class. I’d had lovely couples and guests all week and today was not going to be any different.

We got off to a slightly wet start but there were a few good breaks in the showers. The wedding went smoothly. The guests were up for a fun day.

An interesting start with the boys and a challenge to remove a security tag from one of the suits. Not the normal problem I find at weddings but it’s always good to see something new.

Cripps Barn Winter Wedding Gallery.

Cripps Barn Winter Wedding 168

Winter weddings, of course, go dark early and coupled with the rain meant we didn’t have much time to get some nice wedding pictures outside.

Sophie & Rob had a specific image in mind with the bridal party and coloured smoke grenades in the field.

I’ve not photographed a wedding with smoke grenades for a few years and typically I would be doing the same tomorrow too. Funny how things come together in life.

A few couples shots in the trees and a few minutes for the newlyweds to have a moment then it was back inside for the speeches.

The groom had been scribbling on his prompt cards earlier and not the best man was deep in thought rehearsing his speech.

All the speeches went off well and there was another break in the rain so we headed outside for a couple more shots before heading back in to cut the wedding cake then straight into the first dance.

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