Cotswold Matara Wedding – LP.

Cotswold – Matara Wedding.

We started photographing the day with Lisa, her mother and her lovely bridesmaids as they all prepared for the wedding, their room at the Matara was beautiful and spacious with lovely light from the large bay window. The atmosphere was relaxed and girls were having a good laugh together.

The Matara Centre Wedding Gallery.

We went to find Paul but there was no answer at his room so on a hunch we tried the pub over the road and to our surprise he had popped in for a quick one with his groomsmen, we spend some time with Paul, Jeffery and his groomsmen before rejoining Lisa.

Lisa looked stunning in her dress and as she put the final touches to her outfit I waited downstairs with her father Kevin as he paced the floor waiting to see his little girl and escort her to her new husband. When she made her appearance on the stairs you could see the pride oozing from him.

The weather was beautiful and mild a perfect day for an outside ceremony, I took my position captured some lovely pictures as Lisa and her father entered and through the ceremony.

In place of confetti, the guests had bubbles and this made really pretty images as the couple walked through a sea of sparkling bubbles. As the new couple paused to meet and greet with their friends and family I took the opportunity to get some candid shots.

Once everything had settled we took Lisa & Paul for a walk to take advantage of the stunning venue and capture some fun shots. The Matara offers some beautiful and unique photo opportunities and I feel I only scraped the surface of what could be done there but I will be back in 2020 and really look forward to evening more stunning shots.

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