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At Copperfield we have established a reputation for excellence by ensuring that the day runs according to plan. We are based in the heart of Lancashire but travel throughout the UK and Western Europe.

The Toastmaster brings experience and style to your function 

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When clients want a perfect day and everything has been planned in minute detail, it requires someone special to accept responsibility for ensuring it all happens on time, bringing peace of mind that their special occasion or event will  run smoothly, on time and everyone attending will have a great time.

The detailed meetings established early in the planning stages ensure that no detail is missed and that all timings are correct. If you require, your toastmaster will hold meetings with your venue, caterer, wedding car company and photographer to ensure that they are all on the same page and he will even work with those giving speeches to assist them if some help is needed. It is all entirely up to yourselves.

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The toastmaster is there to care for the hosts as well as their guests and at a busy function he will liaise with the venue, the caterers, the DJ and the photographer to ensure that the meal is served on time, all dietary needs are met, all the speeches are made, the cake is cut and the first dance all take place in the right order, allowing the bride and groom to enjoy as much time with their guests as they can without worrying that something has been missed. 

As a contemporary toastmaster, he will be wearing a brilliant red tailcoat and his presence will greatly add to the colourful and splendid ceremony of your function, he will bring a discrete air of authority to the proceedings, whilst maintaining the necessary humour required to keep the event light-hearted and pleasurable.

He is in attendance to carry out your wishes and will be by your side until your first dance. 

Independent Wedding Celebrant

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When Copperfield attend you as your Independent Celebrant, there are no imitations to your bespoke ceremony. As individuals your ceremony is unique, there are no generic scripts and it is only after we have met together to discuss your ideas that we will form the basis of your ceremony and vows.

Because you will be performing the legal requirements of marriage in a registry office (required by law), previously. you are at liberty to conduct the wedding function anywhere that you prefer. You won’t need a Council licensed venue and you can be married at any time that you want.

There are no limitations. You can have any theme you wish and your independent celebrant will join in with the theme if you require.

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Independent Celebrant – Baby Naming

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The use of an Independent Celebrant for the naming of a new baby, step-child or newly adopted member of the family, allows for the ceremony to be conducted at any venue that the family decides.

The venue does not have to be licensed and any theme can be incorporated. It must be borne in mind that this would not be a legal ceremony and any documents issued would not have legal status, but it does allow chosen family and friends to promise commitments of support to the newly named child or children until they are adults.

It would not be a Christening, but religious readings and songs could be incorporated

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The Ceremony itself would be designed to conform to the beliefs of the parents, with each naming ceremony being unique. The marital status of the parents doesn’t matter, the day is about welcoming a new member to the family and your celebrant will do everything possible to make that happen smoothly and with dignity.

Parents can provide a selection of poems and readings to personalise their ceremony, or your celebrant can assist in finding suitable material.

You will really need your camera ready to capture that moment when the child is presented with a special gift to mark the celebration and the parents are presented with a velum souvenir certificate signed by the parents and witnesses.

Independent Funeral Celebrant 

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We all know the feeling of loss at losing someone close, It may have been an aunt or grandparent, but suddenly it is someone closer and it is you that has to organise a funeral.

If you are lucky you will obtain the services of a professional local family funeral director who will guide you through the formalities and prepare you for the day that you will say goodbye, but what about service, was the person particularly religious, in which case perhaps the local minister will officiate, or would they prefer a simpler passing with a few folk songs and a couple of poems.

They may even have preferred a classical opera singer. At the end of the day you will decide, probably helped by family, but it is an Independent Celebrant that can work with you to put together the perfect send-off for that special person.

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Working with you and other members of family and friends, the celebrant will build a profile of their life. Their likes and dislikes, a history of their life and loves and possibly some of the annoying traits that singled them out as special.

This information will form the basis of the celebration which can take place on the day of the funeral or some time later as a memorial and life celebration. It could even be conducted at a Life Wake Celebration. Whatever you decide your celebrant is there to assist in any way that you wish.

You may be reading this at end of life, thinking, I don’t want to leave all this to someone that may not be able to cope, or I would just like to organise my own celebration, then you can contact Copperfield and work together with your celebrant to arrange the celebration that you want, with songs and readings that you love, weaving the lives of family and friends into your story, thus ensuring a ceremony that suits you. 

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