Christmas Proposal Ideas.

How to pop the question this christmas.

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The most popular time of year to propose is between Christmas and Valentine’s day, more people get engaged in those two months than at any other time of the year.

So, if you are planning on popping the question this Christmas let’s look at a few ideas to make it a unique, special occasion and wow your partner a little more.

A Special Advent Calendar.

there are lots of companies that make a special handmade advent calendar for you or, you can make your own or even take a simple shop-bought one and swap out the last chocolate for an engagement ring.

Even the most basic of advent calendars can be opened up and you can swap the last chocolate for that surprise engagement ring. Or if it’s more your style just remove the last chocolate and when your partner complains there is no chocolate there, apologise and tell them you ate it but you got them something else to replace it, then do the whole on one knee and present them with the ring.

Jigsaw Puzzle Proposal.

Getting your own personalised Jigsaw Puzzle made with a photograph is so simple these days. use a picture that has some special meaning to you both and have text added to the puzzle but may spread it around so it isn’t obvious.

You don’t want them to see the message until the puzzle is nearly finished but a few clues along the way will start them thinking. this works really well is the image you select has random pieces of text already in it like road names or street signs.

The Christmas Cracker Toy Swap.

It’s pretty easy to open up a Christmas cracker, swap the toy for an engagement ring and put it back together without it being obvious it’s been tampered with.

It is probably a good idea to secure the ring inside the cracker with a little string so it doesn’t fly across the room and be forever lost behind the sofa. Make it long enough to dangle out of the opened cracker.

You should probably also mark the cracker in some way, a simple pen mark on the end so you know you are the right one and you haven’t given it to your grandmother to open with your nephew.

A Sweet Proposal.

If your partner has a sweet tooth you might want to look at a box of handmade chocolates. May chocolate sellers will put together a selection of your favourite treats with letters on them so that when they open the box the chocolates spell out, “Will You Marry Me?”

It might make a nice touch to have two extras below with a Y and N printed on them.

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Get Your Kids Involved.

This is especially fun if you have small children or even a baby. One idea could be to have a t-shirt or a baby grow printed with “mummy, will you marry daddy?” or maybe they could say, we’ve had nearly everything we wanted for Christmas but there’s just one more thing we want and with that, you could present the ring.

Christmas Treasure Hunt.

This is another good one to get the kids involved with or just the two of you. You know the drill, a set of clues hidden around the house and garden each leading to the next clue, maybe you could make it a trail of lots of little Christmas gifts along the way until the last and most important gift and your prompt to pop the question.

The Little Things.

If you and your partner hang stockings and put little gifts for each other in them, especially if it’s normally simple little things, finding a little box containing an engagement ring at the bottom would be a very unexpected surprise.

Big Box Little Box.

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The old box inside a box, inside a box inside a box,inside a box inside a box, trick but make it a little different. Of course, you start out with the big box, but have clues in each box. maybe start of with the first picture you have together when the first box is opened.

Then the second something you kept hold of from your first date, then a picture from your first holiday together. each box should hold something that is part of your story together but remember the boxes will be getting smaller and you work your way through them.

and of course, the final box contains an engagement ring and your prompt to pop the question.

Say It With Lights.

This one might be for those a little more advanced or technically minded, but you could use a string of Christmas lights (or a few strings) to spell out your proposal. I might keep it to “Marry Me” but if you’re feeling adventurous maybe you can take it further.

Pinning the lights to a board that you can have hidden away somewhere ready to get out and put on display either in the house or garden works well and if you use a piece of garden trellance you’ll have the benefit of it having squares to help you form the letters and they’re pretty lightweight and easy to pop into place.

Simple and Personal.

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Maybe you want it to be a moment just for the two of you. A nice idea is to go for a Christmas day walk after the main meal, maybe in the woods or somewhere special to you both. The crisp air, both of you wrapped up warm walking hand in hand taking in the scenery.

Find the right moment and take the traditional approach, on one knee with the engagement ring. This works especially well if you are spending Christmas with family or friends. You can return to them and share the great news.

You might even let your friends in on your plans so that when you return there is a surprise party waiting for you all to celebrate together.

Hide The Ring in Plain Sight.

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Maybe as part of The decorations on the Christmas tree that they have been looking at for weeks leading up to Christmas and you could remove it from the tree and ask if they can see something odd about it.

Or at some point on the day, you could put it on a branch somewhere in their eyeliner. Maybe the tree is placed next to your partner when they are watching TV. Secure the ring where it is likely to catch their eye without being too obvious and suggest you both snuggle up together and watch a Christmas film. If you get it just right the light in the room will occasionally make the ring sparkle enough to catch their attention.

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