Cherish the Dress – San Diego.

Cherish the Dress.

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I photographed Crystal & Gio’s wedding about 18 months ago on Coronado Island California. A fantastic day with a lovely and beautiful couple.

While I was back in San Diego last month we decided to get together and have a ‘Cherish the Dress’ photoshoot. A belated wedding anniversary gift.

Crystal agreed to put on her wedding dress & Gio his suit, they both looked as stunning as they did on their wedding day but what really caught my eye was the way they looked at each other, they still have so much passion and love for each other.

I know it’s not a rare thing but I always love to see it, it reminds me why I love my job so very much.

Cherish the Dress Gallery.

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Ballast Point Brewery.

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We started the day around the back of The Ballast Point Brewery in Mira Mesa.

Some old trains have been graffitied around the back and they make for a colourful and interesting backdrop.

Once we had a few photographs there we moved into the brewery.

A favourite spot for the couple and I can see why California has lots of excellent microbreweries but I can see why this is one of their favourites.

The staff were very friendly and helpful,  they even allowed us to go into the back and take some photographs.

Writerz Blok

Cherish The Dress CG 39

Next, we went to Writerz Blok where an artist can create their graffiti art on giant billboards.

The couple suggested this place and it made a fantastic backdrop for our cherish the dress photo shoot.

An amazing contrast against Crystal’s beautiful wedding dress, While there Jan Marie of Breathtaking Bridal Bouquets joined us and brought along a beautiful bouquet for Crystal.

Jan Marie makes some beautiful wedding florals and was the florist at Crystal & Gio’s wedding. 

The Midway.

Cherish The Dress CG 44

Once done there it was time to head to downtown San Diego.

I had an image of the couple recreating the famous statue next to the Midway of the sailor kissing the girl.

As always there were lots of tourists around and once we stepped in and took the photograph they, all cheered and shouted congratulations to the couple. “A lovely moment”.

We spend a little time in the area and even gave the couple a chance to just sit and relax.

Of course, I still took a few sneaky pictures of them as they did but it was a bit of a break for us all.

We stopped briefly in Seaport Village for a few more photographs on our way back to the cars.

Bernardo Winery.

Cherish The Dress CG 59

Our last stop of the day was the beautiful winery in Paseo Del Verano Norte.

Gio worked here for a while and knew the staff well.

We arrived to a very warm welcome and after taking care of some paperwork we had a walk around the place taking pictures as we went.

Bernardo Winery is a beautiful and very popular wedding venue and it was a fantastic place to finish the day off.

Cherish the Dress Photographs.

Cherish The Dress CG 41

Guys, thank you again for having me at your wedding and for this fun Cherish the Dress day.

I look forward to seeing you both again soon on my next trip over there x.

Jan Marie, again a huge thank you for all your help.

It was above and beyond coming out to meet us and bringing such a beautiful bouquet for the shoot.

I owe you a coffee on my next trip x. 

Those who made it possible.

This ‘Cherish the Dress’ photography session would not have been possible without the help and collaboration of:

Breathtaking Bridal Bouquets –

Ballast Point –

Writerz Blok –

The Midway –

Bernardo Winery –

Please visit these people, check out their websites and show your support. They are all lovely friendly people who would love to help you out for your wedding day. 

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