A Little About Me.

Wedding Photographer and happy traveller. 

460px wedding photography by bryan 97

I have been running a successful wedding photography business for more than 10 years now. It has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing people, photograph many beautiful wedding venues and generally have lots of fun.

I put this Bio Info page together to give a bit of little of my background so that couples could decide if we have some common ground, share some interests. Your wedding is a very important and personal day, You should have somebody there who you are comfortable with, gel with and can feel relaxed working with.

460px wedding photography by bryan 76

That was the motivation behind this but it has reinforced just how lucky I feel have been and I am incredibly grateful for my life. More is to come and I’m looking forward to the experiences ahead.

I chased a career for many years and I was fairly successful. I held a good management position and looked after a fantastic team. I worked with many ‘blue-chip’ companies. My main role was one of Process Improvement and specifically helping to bring together the needs of our customers with the abilities of the company I worked for.

It was a very rewarding role, it stretched me, gave me great opportunities to learn and grow. The company I worked for gave me the freedom and authority go against what was considered the established protocols to try new ideas. Sometimes it improved and other times it was just a good learning experience for all involved.

Your Wedding.

460px wedding photography by bryan 94

I am a big fan of natural, honest photography. I love to interact with my couples and their wedding guests sometimes just to get images with good interaction but I am there mainly to capture the natural flow of your wedding day.

I will spend the majority of the day blending in and taking photographs that are a true reflection of your wedding. There will, of course, be times I have to step up and arrange people for your traditional group shots but I always try to get through these quickly and efficiently.

460px wedding photography by bryan 80

Most of my couples opt to have a couples session during their wedding day. This is a great opportunity for you guys to catch your breath and have 10 minutes together. I will give you a little guidance on posing, place you in good light and step away to give you some time together as I take some pretty pictures.

2009 “All Change”.

460px wedding photography by bryan 62

In 2009 I felt I wanted something else, something other than the career I had been chasing for so many years. Photography had always been a big part of my life. I used photography in my work quite a lot. I had always documented my life with photography, I was an early adopter of digital although looking back at my first digital camera film was still miles ahead.

I had always been the family member called on to photograph any family event and in 2009 I was able to leave my job and focus on making photography more than a hobby and make it my career. A scary proposition at the time but I am so grateful that I took the plunge.

Me away from photographing weddings. 

I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. Even before 2009 my old career track gave me that and had me travelling around the UK and Europe. 

Now I am self-employed I have much more flexibility to travel and to travel at a slower pace, this has allowed me to spend more time in places and experience them. 

Weddings are very focused in the summer and this has allowed me to take extended trips over the winter some times as long as 4 months at a time. I have also been able to combine some of my trips with a little photography work too. I have photographed a couple of weddings in California. I have worked with some amazing models in Barcelona. It all helps to pay the bills and keep the dream going. 

Some of the highlights over the last few years include. 

New Year’s Eve on Copacabana beach. 

Probably my favourite New Years Eve so far. The atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro leading up to the nigh was electric. In Brazil, New Year falls pretty much in the middle of their summer. Traditionally everybody dresses smartly in white. All along the beach is a party. As midnight approaches everybody gathered on the beach for the countdown.

As midnight struck a huge cheer was followed by a spectacular firework display from boats lined up just off the coast and people raced into the sea cheering and celebrating. There were thousands of people there but it didn’t feel crowded.

A few days later I was hang gliding off a mountain there, headed out to sea before turning back and seeing Rio from a very different perspective and landing on the beach.

See Some of the pictures here ➢

Coast to Coast America.

Amtrak Train at Alpine train station
Amtrak Train
Alpine Texas Train Station

In 2017 I was able to take a train ‘road trip” around America. I took the Amtrak from San Diego to LA. from there the adventure started. I travelled through California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. If I’ve missed any states I apologise but it’s a big country.

I was on the Amtrak for about two weeks with 2/3 day stops in various US towns along the way including New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Like pretty much all of my trips this was done on a budget. That meant sleeping in my seat on the train. Not the best nights sleep you can get but it made the stays in the hotels feel so much more luxurious. I’m not sure I would have survived 14 straight nights sleeping on a train.

Road Trips Europe.

Europe road trip47 1
Plaza Catalunya – Barcelona

Twice I’ve taken 4 months in the winter travelling around Europe in a camper van, visiting France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Brussels. 

I’ve spent most of that time along the south coast of Spain. I’m not a big fan of the cold and waking up on a beautiful beach just appeals to me a little more.

That said some of the highlights were crossing the Alps. The views were spectacular. With clear blue skies set against the snow and mountains, I have no idea how many times my jaw dropped and I said wow! The views made the -20 nights a pleasure.

Gallery from Europe here>>

Mexico Baja 250.

Baja 250

Mexico to watch the Baja 250. Standing only feet away from the competitors as they raced by. I drove with my son from California down to San  Felipe, an adventure on its own.

A good friend has property down there so we spent a week just chilling out on the edge of the Sea of Cortez. I developed an appreciation for fishing down there. The sea was so calm and tranquil. I could stand knee-deep in the water and cast out. What better way to just relax.

I am hoping to make this one an annual trip. Boys week away with good friends and in one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been to.

See some of the pictures from the Baja 250 here>>


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2 months on a mountain in Ecuador governed by a committee, local elders.  I regularly took the local bus ride to Quito. I danced on the equator and visited the edge of the Amazon rain forest.

It was such a beautiful and eye-opening experience and a huge contrast to England. I stayed with and met amazing people there, although it really highlighted how much I needed to improve my Spanish.

See some of my pictures from Ecuador here>>

Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics. 

A return to Brazil. I was given an amazing opportunity to travel to Rio during the Olympics. Even my journey there was an adventure. As you can imagine flights into Rio de Janeiro were a little hard to come by so I travelled via San Paulo and was able to see a little of the city there too.

I also took the 8-hour coach ride to Minas and stayed a few nights in Campanha, a lovely town.

See some of the pictures here ➢

Travelling Around the UK.

I’ve travelled the UK from John o Groats to Lands End and much between the two. The majority of my weddings take place in the southwest, mostly Glouchester and the Cotswolds. Depending on how many weddings I have to photograph there I can spend a month travelling around the area between each wedding

Welsh Castles Gallery>> (coming soon).

The Lake District Gallery>> (coming soon).

London Gallery>> (coming soon).

John O Groats Gallery>> (coming soon).

Lands End Gallery>> (coming soon).

Scotland Gallery>> (coming soon).

Cotswold Gallery>> (coming soon).

Margate Gallery>> (coming soon).

California my Second Home.

I’ve been able to take regular 2/3 months at a time in California with my son and my two grandsons. Something I wouldn’t have been able to do in my old career. I am so grateful for the work I do. I have a job I truly enjoy, that gives me great satisfaction and gives the flexibility to live the way I want to.

California Gallery>> (coming soon).

New Years Cruise to Mexico.

My first cruise, I know lots of people that rave about cruise holidays and to be honest they never really appealed to me. This one was going to be a little different.

It was a few days down to Mexico and new years even onboard somewhere between there and LA. A different way to see in the new year.

I really enjoyed the trip. The time in Mexico was interesting and very touristy. The locals obviously set up for when the cruise ships come into port so it was interesting to see a different view from the normal holidays I like to take in a more genuine local setting.

See a few of the images here>>

A few galleries.

San Fransisco Gallery>>

New York Gallery>>

Tucson Arizona Gallery>>

Alpine Texas Gallery>>

New Orleans Gallery>> (Coming soon).

Chicago Gallery>> (Coming soon).

Charlottesville Gallery>> (Coming soon).

Campanha Minas Gallery>> (Coming soon).

But whatever I am up to there has always been and will always be a camera nearby. 

I will add albums from each of these trips as I can so check back for updates.

A few recent experiences worth a mention. Skydiving, Hang Gliding, Paragliding, micro-lighting, Small aircraft flying, Snowboarding – although nearly as bad as my surfing, After many years I’m back to longboard skateboarding but I’m taking a bit of a break after breaking my leg last year. The last few years I’ve been shooting quite a bit while in America.

Why did I choose to make Wedding Photography my full-time work? 

460px wedding photography by bryan 71

I’ve always been a photographer even when I was chasing a corporate career I used photography to help me in my work. 

As a child our family holidays always included me coming back with a hand full of rolls of film then having to do extra jobs to make the money to get them developed. 

In my personal life, I’ve always documented every occasion with my pictures. 

In 2009 all the pieces fell into place and I was able to leave behind my old career and commit to making photography my full-time job. It was one of those moments where people might say the stars aligned and the universe provided me with the path. 

Why wedding photography? 

460px wedding photography by bryan 33

Why not? Take a look through my wedding photography galleries, I hope you can feel the amazing buzz it gives me to be there.

The opportunity to share one of the happiest days in a couples life. That’s enough reason but also, wedding photographers need to be able to perform in just about every photography style.

When I decided to pursue photography as a career I trained with three studios. I learned to photograph on location and in a studio. I photographed events, portraits, kids but when I first photographed a wedding I was hooked and I enjoy them as much now as I did in the very first.

Wedding Photographers Need to be.

Event photographers.

460px wedding photography by bryan 102

This is obviously a wedding is an event.

I need to create photographs that capture the spirit of the event, the people attending, the venue and the activities.

My images need to tell the story of the day. 

Portrait photographers.

460px wedding photography by bryan 21

Throughout the day I am creating completely portraits of the couples and their guests, most of the time without the luxury of being able to pose them or move them into flattering light.

I’m not there to take over the wedding day so I need to create my portraits without upsetting the flow of the day. 

Fashion photographers.

There are a few clothes as glamorous as a wedding dress. It is my job to photograph the bride making her look and feel like the images she saw in the wedding magazines. 

Product photographers.

There are many items that are important in a wedding that need to be photographed, from the traditional ring shots to personal details used to decorate the wedding venue to priceless family heirlooms worn but the couple. 

Children’s/pet photographers.

460px wedding photography by bryan 59

I’ve only lumped these together because they say you should never work with children or animals.

It’s true both can be very unpredictable but that’s also the appeal of both and this is always true at weddings but that often makes them some of my favourite images. 

Architectural/Landscape photographers.

460px wedding photography by bryan 94

Couples can debate for months over their choice of wedding venue so when we are there I need to make sure my pictures show the beautiful wedding venue they chose to spend this special day at.

In many cases, couples have spent more than they originally intended on their dream wedding venue so the least I can do is make sure they have some pretty pictures of the place.

Boudoir photographers.

Either as a bespoke photoshoot before the wedding day or maybe just elements during bridal preparation. This is down to the couples preference. 

And all of this in one day. Most of the time without the cooperation of your subjects. In a way that has the minimum impact on the day and if you miss something there’s no chance of setting up a reshoot. 

Love it and it’s made so much better because I am sharing a day when everybody is on a high and out to enjoy the day. 

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