Bridesmaid Gift Ideas.

What do you get your bridesmaids?

Bridesmaid Gifts

It’s nice to give your bridesmaids a little something to say thank you for helping your wedding day be so amazing. or a gift that will remind them of your special day.

I’ve put together some ideas based on what I’ve seen over the years as a wedding photographer. Where possible I will include links where you can buy these things too.

Just click on the picture and it might take you to the seller.

It could be something that is just for the day or something to keep and treasure, or even better both.

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Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids.

Your Bridesmaids Roles.

Bridesmaids - Photography by Bryan

The role of a bridesmaid at your wedding can be a really critical one, these ladies are there to take on any extra jobs that pop up on the day, take care of anything that doesn’t go quite to plan and be general dogs bodies helping out the bride.

It is only right that you might feel that you’d like to get them a little something to say thank you for helping to make your wedding the best day of your life.

Some of the nicest gifts I’ve seen are normally part of a collection of thoughtful items handpicked by the couple.

Note: Some of these are affiliate links so I get a kickback if you use it but the great news is it doesn’t cost you any more and it helps me out.


bangle 1

What woman wouldn’t like more jewellery?

I often see brides presenting their bridesmaids with a set of earrings and a necklace to wear on the wedding day. These make a nice keepsake and also add to the unified look of the bridesmaids.

Maybe a special piece of jewellery, at a recent wedding the bride presented each of her 5 bridesmaids with a beautiful set of diamond earrings.

What ever you are thinking maybe start with a budget, then think about what your bridesmaids are into.

There are lots of beautiful personalised gifts from talented people on Etsy too.

A Keepsake.

mug 1

Something that has your names and your wedding date on it. again this can be anything from jewellery to glasses to something to hang on the wall.

There are many commemorative items to choose from out there.

This can be a tricky one and also a tacky one. It’s one thing for your friends to have their morning coffee from a Maghan & Harry mug each day but a “Tom and Alice mug” might not work quite as well.

Maybe go for something more generic with their name on it.

Something Personal.

Either something personal to them or personal to your wedding day.

You know your bridesmaids probably better than anybody else, if you approach it like finding them the perfect birthday present you won’t go far wrong.

The only problem with this if human nature, if they all get something different it can be tempting to compare and contrast.

The safe option is to get everybody the same.

Other Gift Ideas.

Bridesmaids pictures


Talk to your wedding photographer and arrange to get a portrait of you and each of your bridesmaids on the wedding day then ask them to order you a special framed print that you can present to them after the wedding.

Or maybe a nice print of them with their other half would be a nice touch.


‘Spa Day in a Box’ Gift Set for Bridesmaids.

spa day 1
  • Sparkling wine gift set containing a 20cl bottle of Bottega Rose Gold, a 60g tin of Rose & Shea Butter Vegan Salt Scrub and a 75g bag of gelatine free Pomegranate Heart Sweets
  • Hand-packed in the UK a distinctive gift box that reads, ‘Life’s Too Short For Thoughtless Gifts’
  • A superb bridesmaid gift idea, Christmas gift, Mother’s Day gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift for her or Valentine’s Day gift; all items are 100% vegan friendly, making a great vegan gift; add a personalised message at checkout
  • The Salt Parlour vegan salt scrubs recreate the natural exfoliation of the salt and sand from a day at the beach
  • Pomegranate Heart Sweets are made with real pomegranate juice and without gelatine

Bridesmaids Badge.

bridesmaide badge 1

Bridesmaids Plaque.

plaque 1

Bridesmaids Compact.

compact 1

Pretty Bowed Gift Bags.

Gift Bags 1
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