What does the average UK wedding cost.

Average UK wedding cost.

The average UK wedding cost is as you would expect up in 2019. So if you are planning your dream wedding what is it likely to cost?

Obviously, every wedding is different and we all want something different. 90% of my work is wedding photography and I love the way everybody puts their own unique stamp on their wedding day.

As well as individuals own taste there are some geographical differences around the UK, but not as much as you might think.

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So where does all the money go?

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The Survey.

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In a recent survey of over 4,000 brides, the total average Uk wedding cost around £28,000. As expected London based weddings had the highest average cost of £34,000. Weddings in the Midlands had the UK’s lowest average cost of around £26,000.

The single most significant expense is still the wedding venue hire at an average cost of £4,500. The honeymoon came in second at around £3,750 and the cost of feeding your wedding guests topped £3,250. Interestingly the average amount spent on an engagement ring was £2,000 but in London, it topped £3,000. Wedding photography average price is around £2,800 or about 10% of the wedding budget.

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It seems the tradition of the parents picking up the tab on all the wedding costs is becoming less these days. More than 50% of the couples surveyed paid the bulk of the wedding cost with help from family. A surprising 33% of the couples paid the full wedding day costs.

These are average UK wedding costs, the ranges of what a wedding could cost are as individual as the couples themselves. Whatever budget you have to remember what the day is for and about. Have fun, make the day your own and celebrate with the people you love.

The wedding day in more detail.

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The biggest chunk of this £12,000 is allocated to the venue.

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  • Direct Venue Cost – £4,500 (16%)
  • Food – £3,250 (12%)
  • Decoration – £1,100 (4%)
  • Entertainment – £900 (3%)
  • Transport – £700 (3%)
  • Wedding favours and gifts – £650 (3%)
  • Stationary – £500 (2%)
  • Registrar fees £300 (1%)

A breakdown of what you wear.

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Unsurprisingly the biggest cost of the wedding wardrobe is the wedding dress. Although I was recently the wedding photographer at a wedding where the bride had spent a whopping £3,000 on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. They were incredible and it demonstrated that these figures are very general and may not reflect everybody’s priorities.

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  • Wedding dress – £1,500 (5%)
  • Rings – £900 (3%)
  • Groom and ushers attire – £800 (3%)
  • Hair and makeup – £500 (2%)
  • Brides shoes – £200 (1%)

Wedding Suppliers Costs.

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  • Wedding photography – £2,800 (10%)
  • Wedding flowers – £1,300 (5%)
  • Wedding videography – £1,100 (4%)
  • Wedding cake – £650 (2%)
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I am often told that wedding photography should be 15% of the wedding budget and from my point of view I can live with that but again these are very general numbers and once you turn a lot of data into averages it can sometimes give odd results.

Full Breakdown.

Percentage and cost breakdown.

Again this is a guide and no two weddings are the same. Only you can decide what elements of your wedding are important to you and where to focus your budget.

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  • 16% – Venue (£4,500).
  • 13% – Honeymoon (£3,750).
  • 12% – Food (£3,250).
  • 10% – Photography (£2,800).
  • 5% – Wedding Dress  (£1,500).
  • 5% – Flowers (£1,300).
  • 4% – Decoration (£1,100).
  • 4% – Videography (£1,100).
  • 3% – Rings (£900).
  • 3% – Entertainment (£900).
  • 3% – Groom & ushers attire (£800).
  • 3% – Transport (£700).
  • 2% – Wedding cake (£650).
  • 2% – Wedding favours and gifts (£650).
  • 2% – Stationary (£500).
  • 2% – Hair and makeup (£500).
  • 1% – Registrar fees (£300).
  • 1% – wedding shoes (£200).
  • 9% – Miscellaneous (£2,600).

Need help planning your wedding?

I’ve picked out a couple of books to help you plan your perfect wedding day.

Bridechilla Wedding Planner Guide and Pencil Gift Pack.

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Groom’s Book of Jobs to Do.

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So, what do you think?

I’d love to get some feedback from people out there. Does this represent your wedding? If not the figures how about the percentages? did they get it right?

Comment below and I’ll add notes to this with your comments.

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