Wedding at Cripps Barn – AR.

Wedding at Cripps Barn.

Alison and Robb had their wedding at Cripps Barn last week. I wasn’t photographing bridal preparation at this wedding, but the guys had stayed in a cottage just around the corner from the church, so I called in on them for a while.

Wedding Gallery.

The Country Cottage.

The guys had stayed in a beautiful stone Cotswold cottage. The groom and groomsmen were well on the way to getting ready when I arrived. I photographed Robb and his boys during their final groom’s preparation.

Wedding ceremony at Bibury Church.

wedding at Cripps Barn 70

As I said the boys were staying in a cottage just around the corner from the church.

So when they were all ready we walked to the church to meet and greet the wedding guests. I took the chance to get some candid photographs while we waited for the bride to arrive.

Jade and her sister arrived at the church in an old-style white WV camper.  The village is a popular tourist destination, so there were plenty of cameras out to snap the bridal party as they walked into the church.

Robb had been having trouble keeping it together all morning, and he looked like he was going to lose it when he watched his bride walking down the aisle. It was a friendly informal service. We were able to arrange a confetti shot outside before the rain came down.

Back to the wedding at Cripps Barn.

The newlyweds took the scenic route back to Cripps Barn allowing the guests and myself time to get there before them. The timing was perfect for me to be in a position to photograph them coming down the driveway in the camper van.

I left them to mingle with their guests while I took some more candid pictures.

The wedding breakfast & speeches.

wedding at Cripps Barn 210

As the wedding party had their meal I took a break and ate too, the food is always exceptional at Cripps.

just one of the many reasons I love photographing weddings there.

Once the meal was over the wedding speeches started and this gave me the opportunity to get some great pictures. All the speeches were fun and light-hearted.

Newlyweds photography session.

wedding at Cripps Barn 243

After the wedding breakfast and speeches, it was time to take the couple for a walk in the grounds and set up some pretty pictures.

Cripps barn has so many beautiful spots to photograph and I made good use of a few of them.

After the couple had a little time to mix with their guest before it was time for their ‘first dance’. The friends and family quickly joined them.

A lovely day and with only 60 wedding guests it had a really relaxed friendly atmosphere.  I always enjoy being the photographer of a wedding at Cripps Barn and I look forward to my next one there.

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