The Great Tythe Barn Wedding – AE.

The Great Tythe Barn Wedding.

Alice and Ewan had their wedding at The Great Tythe Barn last week. The day started at the Falcon pub opposite St. Marys church in Painswick.

The Great Tythe Barn Wedding Gallery.

Bridal Preparation.

The Great Tythe Barn Wedding 20

Both the bride and groom were at the Falcon with Ewan in the bar and Alice had a room with the girls. I started with the bride and her bridesmaids as usual.

When I arrived Alice was getting her hair done while the girls were either helping or having their makeup done. I photographed the activity for a while.

After this, I went downstairs to join Ewan and his groomsmen as they enjoyed a pint while figuring out how to attach their buttonholes. The boys looked fantastic in their kilts.

I went with the boys to the church and stayed a while as they waited and greeted the wedding guests. St. Mary’s church in Painswick is a beautiful church with lots of natural light. It is a good size for the 115 wedding guests that would be attending.

Wedding at St. Mary’s, Painswick.

A little before the ceremony was due to start I nipped back over to wait outside the Falcon to see Alice be walked over by her dad. It was a sweet service. The church had a lot of family history for Alice dating back to her being baptised there.

Outside after a quick meet and greet they were ready to be whisked of in a beautiful Mk.2 Jaguar.

The Great Tythe Barn.

The Great Tythe Barn Wedding 78

The rest of the wedding day was at The Great Tythe Barn Tetbury. It was a bit of a trek from the church but a beautiful wedding venue. The ideal location for the rest of the wedding festivities.

The couple took the long way round and I along with the guests were able to get to the venue well before the newlyweds. This gave me the chance to photograph the table decorations and get a few candid pictures of the guests.

The bride and groom arrived to the sound of cheerful guests and a Scots piper.  I grabbed a few pictures of them as the arrived and then it was straight into a confetti shot, The bridesmaids were on the case. They organised everybody in two nice lines and made sure everybody had something to through as the couple walked through.

As Alice & Ewan spent time with their guests it was time for some reportage photography again. I love this part and it is always a good opportunity to catch some beautiful interactions between the wedding guests.

The wedding breakfast.

The Great Tythe Barn Wedding 207

The couple were piped in by the Scots Piper. As everybody settled it was announced that one person from each table had been nominated to serve the main course to the rest of the table so they were called out and taken into the kitchen to prepare.

One by one they emerged from the kitchen carrying a beautiful joint and closely followed by the staff with plates and the vegetables.

There was a regular bang as mini glitter cannons where set off, hurling golden stars and hearts into the air. The wedding breakfast is my opportunity to take a break and get fed. The food was excellent as expected. Thank you, Alice & Ewen, for sorting me out.

The wedding speeches.

The Great Tythe Barn Wedding 262

The father of the bride led the speeches, they were in very good taste and filled with funny stories. The bride could not resist taking the microphone and having the opportunity to say a few words.

Ewan will be best man for his best man (Mark) in a few weeks so he gave a warning to be careful what was said, but in the words of Mark “in a fight, hit first and hit hard” I would love to hear Ewan’s response in a few weeks.

For me, the top speech was given by Ewan’s father as he welcomed Alice into the family. As a wedding photographer, I hear lots of speeches and often the same joke too many times but this was one of the more original speeches I have had the pleasure of hearing.

Once all was done with the meal a very welcome Winstone’s ice cream van showed up to serve an extra special dessert. The wedding breakfast ended with Ewan and his best man’s speeches.

Newlyweds photo shoot.

The light was failing fast so it was a quick trip outside to get some special photographs for the couple. The grounds of the Great Tythe barn have many beautiful spots to photograph but with the light dropping so quickly I could only make use of a few.

The evenings fun.

Time to head back into the wedding venue to cut the cake. A beautiful wedding cake that Alice made sure they both got to taste.

Then it was straight into the couples first dance. The lights dimmed and they took to the stage. Ewan managed a spin and even a dip kiss with his wife. In no time the wedding guests were on the dance floor with them and the night was set for fun.

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