Precious Bridal Shower / African Kitchen Party.

African Kitchen Party.

Precious’s bridal shower was at The Platform Morecambe, a traditional African Kitchen Party filled with vibrant colours, singing, dancing and wise advice for the bride to be.

African Kitchen Party Gallery.

African Kitchen Party PJ 22

After an introduction by the Matron and her committee, the bride and her bridal train were led into the room covered and took their place on the stage before being unveiled and the ceremony began properly.

Precious looked beautiful and attentive as the Matrons and family members gave her and the gathering advice on how to build a long and happy life as a married couple.

They spoke of her duties to her husband and his duties to her, of how welcoming god into their home would ensure a happy and prosperous future together.

There was so much going on I couldn’t resist photographing as much of it as I could and I ended up with a lot more pictures than I would normally.

African Kitchen Party PJ 58

Many people had attended in traditional clothes and the colours made for a beautiful view looking across the room.
There was lots of traditional dance, singing and the whole day was filled with culture, a real treat for me as the photographer.

Jerald (the groom to be) made a brief appearance and greater his bride with gifts and flowers, they sat together and received wisdom and advice from both mothers before he left the ladies to enjoy the day’s proceedings.

There then followed more advice, singing and dancing and of course more opportunities for me to photograph this beautiful event.

After the event, myself Precious & Jerald went out to the beach and had a pre-wedding photography session, the pictures from that are on here too.

I will be their wedding photographer in a couple of months and I can’t wait to see what that day holds.

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