A Little About Me

Wedding Photographer & Happy Traveller

Hi, I’m Bryan, the owner and photographer at

Photography by Bryan.

I am yet another wedding photographer that you are probably deciding if you should put on your shortlist.

I went through the same process myself quite a few years ago so I know one vendor can blur into the next and the whole thing can start to feel a little overwhelming.

So I’ll give you a quick introduction and maybe we can learn more about each other later.

I do this job because I love to interact with people and have a little fun. Friends and family are a huge part of my life and I know how important the memories we share with them are.

I like taking pictures of the interactions between people at weddings and catching them when they’re natural and relaxed.

I enjoy creating some wow images but I also think it’s really important that the album I deliver to my clients tells the story of their wedding day in an honest way.

The Lost Orangery Wedding Venue

Still Here?

Ok, maybe I’ll share a little more about me.

I started photographing weddings full time in 2009 after a pretty successful career, I wanted to work with people on one of the happiest days of their lives and have a job that allowed me to have more flexibility in my life.

Photography has always been part of my life, in my career and my personal life so starting a wedding photography business was the obvious direction for me.

90% of my weddings are in the summer, this means that most years I have a few months without any bookings so I like to travel in the winter.

This has allowed me to have extended trips to North America, South America and travel around Europe.

Cover Pics Wedding photography by bryan 15

You must be bored by now?

I am a big lover of pets although I can’t have any at the moment because I like travelling too much now, most of my life there has been a dog or a few cats in my home but at the moment I just have to enjoy other peoples pets.

I’m one of the few men who doesn’t follow football and I’ve always been much more of a sci-fi geek.

I am fuelled mostly on pasta, pizza and coffee.

Oxleaze barn wedding Cover

Seriously? You’ve made it this far ?.

Get in touch and let’s get to know each other and share some stories.

Find out what I can do to give you lasting beautiful memories of your wedding day.

And as a reward for your curiosity, if you use the form below to get in touch and add the word pizza to the message box I’ll include a discount on your quote.


No, this isn’t another reference to pizza, but maybe that’s why it appealed to me. It’s my enneagram. You’ve made it this far down the page so maybe you deserve a little more depth insight into my personality.

As a side, I’m not entirely convinced by these personality tests, maybe they give you the results you want people to perceive, or maybe that’s the point?

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