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5 Lies about wedding photography your mother told you.

Wedding photography isn’t what it used to be………

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Wedding photography has changed a lot over quite a short period. Yet in many ways, it has stayed the same.

This a is a little look at the 5 Lies about wedding photography your mother told you.

The things our parents expected from a wedding photographer are a little different to what we expect now.

The arrival of digital photography changed the game significantly. Some notable changes that came with Digital.

The Lies your mother told you.

It is difficult to find a wedding photographer.

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Just about anybody with a digital camera can set themselves up as a wedding photographer.

This means there is so much more choice.

Just try this. On any social platform, type “Please help me, I’m looking for a wedding photographer”.

The thread will go viral and your inbox will be stuffed.

Wedding photography is expensive – A flood of people setting themselves up as wedding photographers has created a lot of competition. This means there are some excellent deals to be had out there.

Many photographers when they start out will work for very little or even for free so that they can build up a portfolio.

You will only get a handful of good pictures.

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In the days of film photography, the average 35mm camera film was 24 exposures.

After around 50% losses you would generally get between 50 and 75 images of a wedding day.

Almost all of those pictures will have been of the main parts of the wedding day.

Wedding Photographers are bossy – They shout a lot and boss people around so that they can get the pictures they want.

You should find a photographer who knows your wedding venue – If your photographer has worked at your wedding venue he or she will know all the best places to get great pictures.

The Truth about the Lies.

It is difficult to find a wedding photographer.

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Too much choice can be worse than a limited choice. The expression “can’t see the wood for the trees”. Springs to mind.

I have written a few helpful articles that might help you find your perfect supplier, photography or other.

But in short, decide what is important to you and weed out those that don’t suit based on what you want.

Budget, Style, Experience, Personality, Recommendations and so on.

Wedding photography is expensive.

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With so much competition out there you can always find somebody to suit just about any budget.

That said there is a lot of truth in the old saying “Quality generally isn’t cheap and cheap generally isn’t quality”.

We apply the same thinking to most things in our lives, from cars and homes to where we like to eat.

There are many wedding photographers out there who do it as an extra sideline, a weekend job for a little extra cash. That is a different situation for somebody who’s sole income is from photography.

You will find their approach to a wedding very different too.

You will only get a handful of good pictures.

With digital, it is possible to take thousands of photographs in a day. These days having 300 to 500 images for a wedding is not at all unusual.

Like traditional wedding photography, all the critical aspects of the day are photographed. With digital, there is the opportunity to take a few extra at each point to avoid having that group picture where the bride blinks.

With modern digital photography, it has become more usual to include lots of candid guest photography in a wedding album.

Wedding Photographers are bossy.

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I have actually met wedding photographers who seem not to like people. I can never understand why they would get involved in weddings.

The truth is a little different. Generally, as a wedding photographer, you have a brief from the couple, a shoot list. This is especially true when it comes to traditional group shots or setting up a confetti shot.

In my experience organising, 150 wedding guests is a little like herding cats. I like to get these out of the way quickly so that the guests and the couple can enjoy the wedding day.

It is a wedding, not a photoshoot. I will generally get a groomsman or bridesmaid to help out but sometimes I have to take a deep breath and organise people.

You should find a photographer who knows your wedding venue .

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I have photographed at hundreds of different wedding venues and every one of them has had a first time for me.

It never causes me any problems or worries about going to a new venue.

In fact, it is refreshing to be somewhere different. I have always found the staff at every wedding venue friendly and helpful.

They will go out of their way to point out where they think the prettiest spots are. They do this for a few reasons, firstly they want their couples to have the best service from all vendors.

We are all there to make our couples wedding day memories special. Secondly, if they can get pretty pictures from us to use to market their venue, they will.

Have your say.

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So there you have it my thoughts on the 5 Lies about wedding photography your mother told you. 

As always this is just a little fun and as always I’d love to hear your thoughts and have you add to this article.

The more people add to it the more relevant and useful it will be.

Don’t be shy, just write what you are thinking, I do, that’s why you keep seeing these posts.

Don’t let me think I’m talking to myself.

Add a little something in the comments section below.

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