15 Hidden Wedding Costs.

15 Hidden wedding costs you should know about so you don’t get caught out.

The average UK wedding cost around £27,000 in 2019, find out more about where all the money goes here ➢.

Top 15 Wedding Costs That Get Overlooked.


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Your wedding could be one of the most expensive things you ever pay for, so it is worth having insurance in case something goes wrong.

It can cover the cost of your wedding if you need to cancel, or if something else goes wrong like one of your suppliers fails to fulfil their commitments.

It also protects against damage or theft to your wedding attire, gifts, cake, flowers and can cover the cost if you have to retake your photographs or if you have a problem with your wedding cars.

If you are having a marquee, make sure you take out insurance that will cover any potential damage or injury.

Contingency Fund

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Typical projects go around 10% over the original budget. Weddings typically go much further and doubling your original estimate is not unusual.

From the start decide what is important to you both and split your budget accordingly.

Take a look at the average cost of a UK wedding below for an average breakdown.

Make sure to keep an emergency fund for last-minute shopping trips, even on the wedding day!

Those Little Things.

If you are getting married in a church, remember, that you will have to pay extra for an organist, a bell ringer or a choir.

An off-site civil ceremony will cost more than a ceremony at a registry office.

Beauty Treatments

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Producing the best version of yourself doesn’t always start the day before! Some couples opt for weight loss programs, gym memberships, teeth whitening/straightening treatments. 

It all adds up over the course of a few months. Not to mention on the day and before the day, chances are you’ll be looking to invest in some additional beauty treatments.

And if you have bridesmaids, you may be expected to pay for their hair and make-up too.  100% recommend getting in the pros if your budget allows it, so to make sure it does, factor it in from day 1

Hotel Accommodation

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You’ve budgeted for the venue, the room for your wedding night, the honeymoon, but what about an early flight it might mean an extra night near your airport?

Think about arrangements for your wedding party too. Make sure this is clearly communicated are you paying for the Best Man’s room or is he?

Plan this into the budget, as it could equally add an extra few hundred pounds!

Service Charges, Tips and VAT

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Double check all your agreements and contracts with suppliers and venues to make sure you’re aware of costs which don’t appear on your bills.

Don’t build a budget based on quotes, think about VAT and enquire about service charges, especially from your venue.

Make sure your wedding venue (or caterer) includes the service charge in the bill.

It can be an unpleasant surprise to have another 12.5% added to your bill at the last minute.

Definitely don’t forget about corkage fees. Even if you found alcohol on a massive bargain, it may not make a difference when you consider how much the venue will charge you for serving it.

Delivery Fees.

Don’t forget any delivery costs. Some florists, cake makers, etc. will charge a fee when delivering to your venue or where you are getting ready.

Artists Royalties.

If you are filming your wedding, some musicians may charge a fee for their performance to be filmed – so ask in advance.

Vendors Meals.

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Provide nourishment for your wedding team: photographer, videographer, entertainer, band or DJ.

They won’t be expecting the same meal as your guests necessarily but check their contracts, as some do stipulate hot meals especially if they will be there all day.

Over-time Costs

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Some suppliers will be lenient and hang about should your day go slightly off course (as weddings normally do).

Time is money! Some suppliers may be booked for a specific length of time or charge by the hour – check your contracts!

In any case, make sure you stick to your time plan (i.e don’t be late for your ceremony!) or be prepared to pay your photographer over-time costs.

Dress Alterations

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After much deliberation you have found your perfect wedding dress, the budget is set, and the one you fall in love with comes in under budget, happy days!

So you then go ahead and order that expensive tiara and designer shoes. Yeah, budget met!

But slow down, last-minute wedding nerves leaves you a couple of inches short on your waist and you need last-minute alterations!

Any money left in your money pot?

Also, take a look at finding your perfect wedding dress tips here ➢

Bridal Party Gifts

The chances are you have been thinking of this from the getgo, but chances are you left them off your budget spreadsheet!

Even if you’re just getting bouquets for your mums and maids, they can run up a hefty cost, so be prepared and plan ahead!


Posting your invites and thank you cards actually can cost the thick end of £100 – so make sure you account for it in your budget!

Post Wedding Costs

There are often a few loose ends to tie up, and one that many people forget to factor in is wedding dress cleaning and storage options.

Budget in any post-wedding spending, for example, dry cleaning the wedding dress, thank you notes, a wedding album etc.

Include Yourselves

Classic schoolboy error – always remember to count yourselves in headcounts! You’d be surprised how many times couples don’t count themselves in the final figures!

Have your Say.

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Please comment below with your tips for any wedding costs that you didn’t expect to have and missed off your budget.

There are lots more and if you have a look at our wedding checklist it will help you be organised and get things sorted in the right order at the correct time.

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