102 Wedding Invitation Ideas.

102 Wedding Invitation Ideas.

Whatever you are looking for your wedding invitations there is something for everybody. From the formal and traditional to the quirky or homemade you can find something that suits your style.


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Make them informative.

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Some of the best wedding invitations I’ve seen have been ones that come with some extra information either about the wedding day, the couple or the wedding venue.

Include details about the day’s events, timings and maps or locations. This can be a good place to include menu options.

Add information about local hotels for your guests to get themselves booked into, local taxi numbers for the end of the night are worth adding too although the venue will arrange a fleet of taxis at the end of the night if you ask them.

I love save the day items too, not just because it’s a chance for me as a photographer to include an extra photoshoot with the couple but I have seen some very imaginative “save the day” items for couples to give their guests.

Hand made wedding invitations.

Make it yourself.

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Hand made isn’t always about doing it on the cheap to save on the wedding expenses. It has become more of a way for couples to make it personal, although many couples I’ve spoken to didn’t realize just how much work would be involved.

You are no longer limited to a few specialist (and expensive) hobby shops for supplies. Places like Ebay and Etsy mean that getting your hands on some unique crafts to make your personalised wedding invitation are as easy as sitting on your couch and swiping.

Fake it yourself.

That’s probably why there are so many independent companies around who can do the work for you. may I know do a fantastic job, from the initial consultation and design process with the couple through to delivering beautiful bespoke handmade products.

I’m not suggesting you pay somebody else then pass of their work as your own but if you find a good supplier you will be involved very much in the design and fun parts of the process and let them deal with the countless hours putting it all together.

Themed wedding invitations.

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Have your wedding invitations match your wedding theme or just give them a theme of their own. There are so many options when it comes to designing your invitations you can personalise them in any way you can imagine.

Acute idea I saw recently was a wedding invitation designed like cinema tickets where the stub was the RSVP.

Pop-up cards with the couples photograph from a pre-wedding shoot have been quite popular over the last few years and some of the more unusual examples I’ve seen have been cards that fold into 80’s style video game consoles.

Digital / App wedding invitations.

Wedding planning app

It’s a modern digital age and there’s no need for paper (although it’s nice to have). There are countless apps to help you manage your invitations and help you get your RSVP’s sorted.

One of the most simple and effective methods I’ve seen is a little QR code on the invitation that will take the invitee direct to a website where they can just click on “Yes’ I’m coming” or “Sorry, I can’t make it”.

That way they don’t even need to find a pen, put something in an envelope and walk all the way to a post box. If you were planning on including an SAE it’ll save you some cash too.

Some apps will do much more too, you can include menu options or attach your “wedding gift list” and your guests can even buy direct from the link you send them. It will manage the list too to avoid ending up with half a dozen toasters.

This could also work out well to get people to respond quicker or the only option they’ll have is to folk out for that 2 week stay in Bali you put on your list in hope.

Lots of these apps also make it easy for all your guests to upload all the wedding selfies they took through the day to one central album for all (or just you guys) to see.

I am planning a post just on these apps where I’ll review some of the best out there and some of their features too, so check back for that.

Having trouble getting an RSVP?


One of the biggest frustrations couples face with their wedding invitations is the lack of responses they get.

I get it, before I planned my own wedding I didn’t give it much thought.

I sat back thinking they know me, they know I’m not good at this kind of thing, of course, I’ll be there, I wouldn’t miss their wedding, we’ve been good friends for forever, they don’t even need to ask me.

But being on the wedding planning side is a bit different. There is so much to arrange and organise and the numbers are key.

Until you’ve been through the process of planning a wedding you don’t realise, so, give them a push on the invite, make sure they understand you need that little piece of paper back so you have one less thing to stress about.

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